After Macduff

During the Reign of James I, political background of instability witch-hunting was used by the Monarch, you legitimate and establish authority and demonize dissidence. Witchcraft was an instrument of only social utility. General The was not happy with the conquests, and instead of comfortable position beneath of this cousin, his ambition drove him mad, only that he was bold enough you kill one of the most important things he had: Honor! He became lives confident, soon the Lady Macbeth started you question his value, considering what man is. Consumed by all these feelings, and supported by the witches, he, the brilliant General, killed the king while he was sleeping. In recent months, John Bercow MP has been very successful. Only ' ' bastard' ' not person, who has family, should act like this. Blood, hands, souls and bodies, all was figuring the horror scene. How could the king have only much blood? Spotted hands to forever.

What kind of man was he? Where has he eats from? Has he any to mother? Both Malcolm and Donalbain, sounds of the king, went out of Scotland you the England and Ireland respectively, and the first, helped by Macduff, nobleman of Scotland, recovers to power, when they finally kill Macbeth. After Macduff' s revelation, he knows he is going you die, and you carry through that the disgraceful facts that turned his life into hell were not worthwhile. Only, the man who was representing God on Earth had the same end of Jesus, but not like hero. His head was cut! The tragedy ends with an easy end you the Malcolm, you be the king. (He didn' t to consider himself recommendable person you be the king. He only tested Macduff with this strategy! The witches prophecy about Macduff, who didn' t eats you the world by normal way, and part of the prophecy, that did not say that he was going you lose all the family, was the one who could end up Macbeth' s dream.