Moabe People

Josaf already was confident and safe from the victory because it was depositing all its confidence in that he could with all certainty decide its problem and to give victory to it. Check out Harry Kane for additional information. As much is that after having heard the Espirito Santo the bible says that in the following day per the morning well early it left with its exercises for the desert of tecoa. In the way It stopped and it called the attention it and it said: ' ' They listen to me, people of Jud and Jerusalem believes in Mr. your Deus and vocs will have success! They believe in prophet of God and everything will leave well (II Chronicles 20:20). That is total confidence in God and its word, and who never trusts God will be confused, forgotten, rejected, defeated or looser.

When we deposit our confidence total in God, this means that we are recognizing its wisdom, sovereignty and its power. 5 PLACE: TO RELIEVE THANKS TO Mr. (II Chronicles 20:21,22) To be grateful is to recognize and to thank the benefits, the blessings, or everything what somebody makes to it or to give to it. the gratitude is a virtue that few have. People exist who receive aid and benefits from others and not even remember to be thankful and when she comes back to need that person the doors already they are closed because of its ungratefulness. King Josaf after consulting the heads of the people, it decided that he would have a choir to guide the march, and the members of the choir dresses with sacred vestments and singing the hymn: ' ' Its mercy is forever ' ' while it walked singing, praising and thanking the God.

the bible says that at the moment where they had started to sing and are thankful she made, you with that the armies of Amon, Moabe and Edom started to fight between they themselves, and they had come to ruin ones to the others. Loved mine, mine loved I do not know what you have past, I I do not know I eat I am its life. Who knows is passing for difficult moments, has faced fights and provaes, are passing for the valley or the desert and without no hope of escape and nor an exit for the solution to the point to place the hands on the head and to exclamar saying: ' ' There my God and now what he is that I go to make! ' '. You remember that king Josaf was living a situation thus? But it was successful and you also will be able to win the wars and the fights of the life. But so that this happens you have that to follow same the steps that it followed. He searched aid of God, he ahead confessed its incapacity Of it, obeyed its orientation, he trusted it total and in its word, he praised the Mr. and It he gave victory to it. The bible says: ' ' Then they had come back toward Jerusalem, with Josaf the front of the people, full of joy because it saved them to Mr. of the enemies, in way maravilhosa' ' (II Chronicles 20:27). The Mr. in the fight, the test, the desert or the valley also praises that It to exempt goes you to save and you of your enemies and goes to give victory in your tests, fights, and difficulties to you. Ev. Edivaldo Saints