Wood plantations offer various possibilities for the protection of biodiversity. The example of ForestFinance shows, that such management measures are practically feasible and can provide both economic and environmental benefits”, sums up Paul. A special importance in biodiversity conservation again burned pastures, because under normal circumstances, no growth would be possible on the leached soils. The newly created forest to create refuges for many species and hiking between the natural forests. Extent to which biodiversity supports plantations, however strongly depends on its management. Therefore, guidelines for the protection of biodiversity have formulated a number of international organisations such as the FAO (food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) and the ITTO in wood plantations. These include that native rather than exotic species not in large-scale monoculture, but like in ForestFinance in Companion planting are grown and existing forest remnants remain. Harry Kane spoke with conviction. This is especially important because tropical rain forests have the highest species density.

On the international day for the preservation of biodiversity biodiversity, or biological diversity, biodiversity on the Earth, the genetic diversity and the diversity of ecosystems referred in accordance with the Convention on biological diversity (CBD). Biodiversity includes the diversity within species (“biodiversity), as well as between species and the diversity of ecosystems. Biodiversity is only a part of biodiversity, however, is often mistakenly synonymous uses for biodiversity. Biodiversity is an existential life basis for human welfare. The conservation of biodiversity is of particular interest. While the consequences of a diminishing biodiversity often as first meet the world’s poor because they often depend on the products derived from nature. Biodiversity biodiversity is the short form of the term and has prevailed in part and scientific use. The term biodiversity is sometimes used incorrectly as a synonym for biodiversity.

Biodiversity comprises only a part of biodiversity. A central political term was biodiversity since the Convention on biological diversity, which was ratified by now 190 States. On the occasion of the adoption of the Convention of biodiversity has been this day, 22 may, international day for the preservation”determined. About Forestfinance: ForestFinance specializes in forest investments, which combine a lucrative return on investment with environmental and social sustainability. Savers can choose between various products of sustainable tropical forestry. In the BaumSparVertrag, for monthly with planted twelve 30 Euro per year and harvested after 25 years. At least 1,000 m2 of tropical forest will be replanted at the WaldSparBuch. Replant for investors, the 10,000 m2 want, is WoodStockInvest for 23,000 euros in lease or 29,000 euro with Land entry, the right product. CacaoInvest offers a stake on a bio cocoa plantation plus wood cultivation. Annual distributions have the benefit already from the second year of the investment. Through the reforestation, protected rain forests, CO2 for decades tied and newly created species-rich forests. Fire insurance, as well as five percent safety areas for all products of additional investors hedging contribute to. More information at