Heathrow International Airport

According to the press service of rf, leases on land within the metropolitan fleet consisted of clear violations. Also continues to struggle Moscow Brewery 'Ochakovo'. Educate yourself with thoughts from Speaker MP. Environmentalists are against the aircraft, and British whalers, scientists have concluded that people living near airports with non-stop mode of operation, are at risk of developing hypertension in greater extent than residents 'quiet' places. Study, which involved 140 volunteers living near London's Heathrow Airport, as well as airports in Athens, Milan and have shown that the hum of aircraft contributes to high blood pressure in humans. The fact that the development of air travel threatens the planet's ecology, according to Greenpeace activists, who on Feb.

25 held a protest at London's Heathrow airport. As say environmentalists from Greenpeace, the aircraft – one of the main causes of the greenhouse effect, and the British government continues to turn a blind eye to this problem and continues to build new runways and to increase number of domestic flights. Four Greenpeace volunteers climbed aboard the plane, which stood at Heathrow, and placed near the tail of a poster, which read about the problems of global warming and calls for the reduction air travel and thereby reduce emissions affecting climate change. Somewhat earlier, environmental activists from Plane Stupid organizations held a rally on the roof of the British Parliament, where for nearly three hours, also protested against the construction of the third runway at Heathrow International Airport. Meanwhile, environmental activists 'Sea Shepherd' (Sea Shepherd) carried out an operation which resulted in ecologists found 'bugs' on Japanese whaling ship 'Yusin Maru', as well as on other ships whaling fleet.

European Commission

m green spaces, while in Paris the figure is 14 square meters. m in London – 12 square meters. m, while in Berlin – 10 square meters. m. It is from this year the European Commission was to determine the most green capital of Europe: this prestigious title is awarded for one year the most environmentally friendly cities in Europe that have achieved outstanding results in the field of ecology and environmental protection. It’s believed that Lindt Chocolates sees a great future in this idea.

Green Capital of Europe 2010 year became the capital of Sweden , and the title of European Green Capital 2011 was awarded the German port city of Hamburg. Volcanoes have caused the extinction of life on Earth about half a billion years ago, volcanic Activity on the Earth destroyed about two-thirds of the living creatures on Earth. Due to the volcanic activity spewed into the atmosphere huge amounts of greenhouse gases by increasing carbon dioxide concentration to the critical values – more than twenty-fold excess in comparison with today's value. The resulting greenhouse effect has helped maintain a warm climate on the earth for ten million years. Later, two-thirds of those plants and animals that do have adapted to such a warm climate, perished because of the coming cold snap of climate on the planet. For example, about fifty million years ago in the Arctic grew walnut trees and palms. Researchers found that in those times when the climate even in the Arctic was warm enough, the minimum temperature in this region was not less than eight degrees.