Consultant Leader

7? It always fulfills its promises. If to obtain to keep its word, will have the respect, comprometimento and the admiration of all. It does not matter what it has said, fulfills! Exactly to need itself for force of the circumstances to come back behind, tries to decide the situation of ethical form. In this way, the best way is to know what it speaks not to have that to swallow its proper words. Nobody respects the falastro, that one that not delivery promises to deep worlds and nothing, or delivers very little. It asks itself exactly: You would keep in its team somebody thus? He uses the wisdom of the old ones: It leaves that its reputation arrives in the places, before you.

Of course, these are small pointers of behaviors adjusted for the modern leadership, what it does not exclude all the addition of abilities necessary and desirable techniques. What it matters, in these times of great changes is to make with that the attitudes can generate situations synergic enriquecedoras and not contrary it. Many companies still confuse delivery of results with beating and translate management for objectives for intimidation. Not that, to the times, let us can place a little more than pepper in the gravy, but in the eyes of the others never is refreshment. Who is leader knows until where it can strain the rope, who is only head, not. The leader plans everything and assumes responsibilities, the head plays the guilt of the failures in the team. Therefore, still it is necessary to write on the leadership, exactly that he is for offering a differentiated perspective, on the triviality of the subject. To lead is to make fact well, exactly when it will not have nobody looking at.

It is to conjugate three verbs in a ontologia of the gift: to know, to make and to want. What it lacks, exactly is capacity for these functions. I would say humanity, also. If you are or want to be leader, you start for practising these small laws. If you will be sincere in its search, will discover others, better and bigger. thus, could truily be an inspired example for all the ones that are to its return and, who knows for the generations that will come. Nobody follows an autocratic leader, it does not influence, in this in case that, it is only obeyed and they are seeing a rock in the way of the organization, nobody is moved to remove it. This, because, as Khalil Gibran would say: In silence it is not only the consent, but the revolt and the unsubmissiveness. Luis Sergio Heddle is Palestrante, Consultant and Corporative Educator. Doutorando in Philosophy, Master in Ethics and Specialist in Strategical Management of Teams. More than 65,000 professionals already had been in its courses in all Brazil. Author of Books: The Invisible Professional and Human factor.