Power Point

Once already you have your open accounts will only be to add content in them. You can begin with writing 10 articles all of them related to your subject, tries to say interesting things and original with a fresh language and listener and that mainly is of your own harvest, you can inspirarte in articles and material of other people but what you write to of being yours. You do not believe that it is very difficult, everything is to put themselves in front of the PC, to think about the specific subject of which you want to speak and that you will have or it mentally structured and or is leaving, as in all the first hill the more Once you have finished articles, or you will have made the part the more expensive, which follows is funnier. You will have to make 10 videos inspired by the articles that you will have written. You can leave your and to explain you article or to make a presentation with similar Power Point or other programs, also can use edition programs of video like for example: the Movie Maker de Microsoft, and to record the screen of your PC with Camtasia, you publish and it in your channel of Youtube, video google, etc. Pblica the articles with content of first level distributed between article directories and your blog main, leaving to the other articles of smaller level for the other blogs you complement and them with your videos. You put announcements in classified and you send your notes of product presentation in press bulletins, generate 10 articles more with the combination of the first 10, generate the greater amount of twits with articles, date to know in Twitter and Facebook visits related forums commenting posts or articles that you find interesting, and mainly you do not forget to include always your connection towards your Web site or blog As soon as the system that includes/understands bloque#1 – Generating of traffic he is all the working, immediately you will see positive results that they will be translated in money. Here part of this article finishes 1, if you have liked sgueme in 2 part where you will be able to see the rest of the general strategy. For your success.