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It is very important to be attentive to that team members are so well identified with This, if really they have given way to a spirit of belonging, feels good, fully identified with the team, with functions to fulfil. With the collaboration of all members, if the efforts, made performance are recognized management must provide full cooperation to work teams, hear the views of its members, encouraging them to make his spirit of belonging and commitment a reality. Considered as discussed, beneficial results achieved by companies that foster an environment of harmony among workers. Work equipment, are elaborated rules, which must be respected by all members of the group. They are rules of behaviour established by the members of the team. These rules provide a basis to predict the behavior of others and to prepare an appropriate response to each individual.

They include the procedures used to interact with others. Function of norms in a group is to regulate their situation as organized unit, as well as the functions of the individual members. The rules help to ensure the commitment, fulfilment of obligations, discipline and above all achieved unify efforts so that everyone feels compensated. When crews manage to achieve cohesion, integration, results, it is very easy that is solidarity and sense of belonging to the Group manifesting its components. How much more cohesion exists, the most likely group to share values, attitudes and common standards of conduct the teamwork is not only beneficial to a person if not for all the team involved.

work as a team will bring more satisfaction and will make us more sociable, also will teach us to respect the ideas of others and help the companions if they need our help. When the spirit of belonging is evident, all the individuals of the Group achieved the advantages that reminds us of Wikipedia such as: works with less stress by sharing the hard and difficult work. Shared responsibility to seek solutions from different points of view. It is most gratifying to be part of a job well done. Economic incentives and professional honors are shared. It can better influence on others before individual solutions that each individual has. More positively experienced the feeling of a job well done. The decisions that are taken with the participation of all the equipment have greater acceptance that decisions taken by a single individual. It has more information than any of its members separately. Teamwork allows different points of view when making a decision. This enriches the work and minimizes the frustrations. We can exchange views respecting the ideas of others: achieves greater integration among the people to get to know the skills of members. All this also favors the company because: increases the quality of the work to make decisions by consensus. Strengthens the collectivist spirit and commitment to the organization. It reduces time-outs in investigations to contribute and discuss in Solutions Group. Reducing their institutional costs. There is more knowledge and information. Emerge new ways of tackling a problem. The decisions are better understood. They are most diverse points of view. There is a greater acceptance of the solutions. * Organizational behavior Professor notes.


To mint website usually is one of the long term objectives of all those that are sent to the company to create a Web with the intention of generating businesses in Internet. It can be argued that what in fact it is to close sales. But it will only be feasible if we told on an efficient and effective page, and to obtain that a Web fulfills both conditions, is in fact, to capitalize, that is to say, to extract it value of her. These are ideas that can help it to capitalize their Web, without losing the quality. Adsense. the discussion. At the present time, it is not bad sight that in a commercial site includes publicity of Google. He is very simple to form from the Panel of AdSense, the type of pages that wants to promote, as well as as advertisers to avoid (for example its competitors).

The publicity of Adsense is nonintrusive, and is possible to implement it in any Web, beyond its architecture. To the sites constructed in WordPress one has efficient plugins that they will place the publicity where you choose, without knowing a single letter of programming and changing his design. Another contextual publicity. It is necessary to be kind with not bothering the reader. Infolinks, for example, allows to insert advertising connections in the text of the page. He is not most recommendable for an institutional site, but well it is accepted by the users, is another source more than money from clicks that the users do in links. Programs of Affiliation.

Certain products or services are offered through programs of affiliates. The advantage is that you will acquire a commission by each realised sale, without investing too much (for example tending its own merchandise stock). The programs of affiliates put in their hand the product, although you will have to realise the promotion and to close the treatment with the client. He never sells connections. If their intentions to position well are serious, and not to be penalized by Google, it will not want that there are so many connections in a page, aiming towards other dominions, that could be suspected being a Link farm. If they arrived a to suspect minimumly on this activity, clearly disapproved by Google, could lose the Pagerank obtained with as much work. To capitalize a site is a process of long breath, that needs an investment first of all, that is the one to have a functional, attractive Web site and with traffic, beyond the product or service that tries to sell in Internet.


2) Chemical agents – the manipulation and processing of substances derive from cousins they are distinguished: poeiras and fumos; nvoas and fogs; gases and vapors. 3) Biological agents – they are deriving of the manipulation, transformation and modification of beings microscopical livings creature, amongst them: genes, bacteria, fungos, bacilli, parasites, protozorios, virus, and others. The Program of Prevention of Ambient Risks or PPRA is a program commanded for the Norm Regulamentadora NR-9, of the Secretariat of Security and Health of the Work, of the Ministry of the Work. The purpose of the program is to define an action methodology that guarantees the preservation of the health and integrity of the workers face to the existing risks in work environments. Figura1: Methodology and the Stages the Program De Preveno De Ambient Riscos Will have To include the Following Stages: 1.Antecipao and recognition of the risks; 2.Estabelecimento of priorities and goals of evaluation and control; 3.Avaliao of the risks and the exposition of the workers; 4.Implantao of measures of control and evaluation of its effectiveness; 5.Monitoramento of the exposition to the risks; 6.Registro and spreading of the data. Source: table elaborated for the authors. The Legislation is ample with regard to the PPRA, the activities and the number of establishments citizens the implementation of this program are so great that it becomes impossible the action of the fiscalization, therefore are essential that a contribution exists lends between the organization and collaborators to inside minimize the risks of industrial accidents with implantation of the PPRA of the organization. Prevention of risks and employment-related accidents is not limited to the PPRA, the Norms Regulamentadoras de Medicina and Segurana in the Work, makes use other preventive programs pra to be implemented in the organization, these equally with the intention of the reduction and exclusion of acidentrios problems and decurrent occupational illnesses of the work and its environment.

Kings College London

Mario Vargas Llosa on Tuesday broke greater classroom of Kings College London to talk about how he sees Latin America. According to him, this is an extension of the West but with its own personality. The greatest merit of the Mexican Revolution was having expanded miscegenation doing that purely indigenous or whites become minorities. For him there is no a single America India because there is much heterogeneity in cultures and pre-Columbian languages; Latin America’s indigenous, European, African and Asian; and its strength is its diversity and be a microcosm of humanity. In it coexist all breeds and historical epochs. Its heritage is to be an amalgam and a vortex of peoples coming from different continents.

According to Vargas Llosa of Latin American borders are artificial and its division is something which has delayed him while the union helped lift North America. Latin America is, paradoxically, laggard in social, political and economic, although internationally advanced in as to art, literature, music and culture. In his vision Latin America has usually been victim of utopian Europeans and their passes destination for finding himself in a way that respects the law, freedom and democracy.