Duke Wilhelm

Due to changes in temperature and, hence, can not grow in northern Europe and prepare grape wine, beer was the conquering the entire European part of the planet, first of all Czech Republic, Germany, England and Belgium. Beer in Germany Germany is considered the ancestor of the beer, as evidenced by written records of the world's oldest brewery, Weihenstephan, which started to brew their beer in 1040. Initially, the beer was brewed only monks, as evidenced by the names of German beers, whether Franziskaner (named after the Franciscan monks), or Paulaner. For monasteries beer was considered mandatory daily drink, rich in vitamins and trace elements, having a monopoly on beer production, the monks have achieved impressive results in improving the formulation and production of intoxicating drink. Recipe for beer in those days was considered a big secret, which never gone beyond the monasteries that produce beer, of which there were already more than 400 pieces. Smeknuv that beer can be made not only for themselves but also put it up for sale to ordinary people and the government, the monks begin sell beer in the vicinity of the monasteries, first on holidays, and then daily, beer boom rolled on all the German lands. With the waning influence of the church in the state is made available by the German brewing farmers and entrepreneurs in Germany are beginning to appear hundreds of private breweries. The real pride for Germany is "the law of the purity of beer, which was adopted April 23, 1516 by Duke Wilhelm iv of Bavaria and who ruled with his brother Ludwig X, which indicated that the production of beer, you can use only barley malt, hops and water (about the action of yeast in that time did not know).

Also, the law had been clearly stated requirements for water used in brewing (it should be tasty and clean) and the maximum price for beer. This Act is shared by many breweries throughout Germany and currently, the adoption of such drastic measures conditioned attempt to protect the beer from counterfeiting and adding foreign impurities, as well as maintaining the quality of intoxicating drink. Beer in the Czech Republic first mention of the beer in the Czech Republic was made in 993, after a hundred years, in 1118, the Czech land emerged first brewery. Initially, the beer can to cook only the monasteries and royal city, the Catholic Church considered intoxicating drink natural gift. But soon the whole of South Bohemia there was a small brewery each town considered it his duty to cook original exclusive beer. Brewer was a noble profession and profitable, growing competition among breweries, but the Czech Republic escaped the problems of Germany at the beginning of xvi century – the authorities have always closely monitored the quality of beer and encouraged the brewers. Until 1842 in the Czech Republic was brewed only dark beer revolution in the Czech brewing arranged Josef Groll (Josef Groll), brewer of Burger Brauerei from Pilsen, who began using beer making only light, only slightly roasted malt. The combination of Czech hops from atec, delicious Pilsen water, and pale malt gave the world a new kind of beer – Czech Pilsner.

Key Words

Words key: logistic reversa, recycling, environment. ABSTRACT With population growth and consumerism, waste production increased by 25% compared you 18% of the population. Seeing this scenario the world has realized the need you recycle or reuses these materials, which most often end up in landfills and losing its usefulness. And that exacerbates the problem of environmental pollution and the ozone to layer that is affected not only by the pollution of businesses in manufacturing products such the millions of tones dumped into to air from incinerators that we ourselves manufacture. The recycling of PET has been an example you be followed by to other segments of recyclable materials, although it reaches material 78% of the production of raw, it can still grow with the years. However still there ploughs many difficulties you recycle this product a lack of stimulates will be public infrastructure in this process thus ruling out that the private sector alone prosperous and profitable business that is the recycling of PET and plastic.

The reverse logistics was created exactly an alternative you these problems that both affect the survival and the existence of mankind. Even though new logistics area, it already sees plenty of challenges you be faced by the public and private. The first challenge these powers need you take action in this area, which has grown disproportionately you population growth. Key Words: reverse logistics, recyclable, environment. INTRODUCTION the objective of this work is to contribute for the awareness of the recycling and its importance in the current days. It is placed in question how much it is important and necessary the contribution of the people in making already, in its homes the separation of the residues and destination in accordance with its utility and to prevent to play them in the garbage. This subject encloses the questions of the Pet bottles and the plastics you recycle that they are one of dismissable the most harmful ones to the environment.

Strategical Planning

Strategical planning (In 10 Minutes) – Introduction – Definition – Phases of the strategical planning: ) Mission & ndash; Vision – Values b) Customers and Market (competitive Advantages) c) Products and Services d) Performance, Goals and Tools (Election of strategies) Strategical planning INTRODUCTION Imagines that the Land is the Business administration and Businesses or a company. We know that 70% of the surface of the land are composed of water the others 30% of the continents that is & ldquo; terra& rdquo; , we can also say that 2/3 of the planet are covered of water, then we can affirm that everything that exists of land in the land is under the water. Very well, we arrive in the definition of what it is the Strategical planning in a company, is about the water of the planet, 30% of land are equivalent the Costs, Marketing, Attendance to the customer, Goals, Financier, Intelligence of Market, Competition, Economy, Emotional intelligence, Logistic, Methods and Processes, organizacional Structure, Accounting, Invoicing, initial Investment, Capital Human being, Management, Leadership, Quality, and finally: Experience in branch x Luck. It will be that luck in businesses exists? What vocs they find? To be in the certain place in the alias process! It exists but it does not persist. DEFINITION Strategy is the election of the ways, of any nature, used to carry through objectives. Strategical administration is the process that understands planning, implementation and control of the execution of the strategy. (One of the tools more known and practised of analysis or evaluation of a planning – PDCA – (Plan, of, check, action) (To plan, To execute, To check, To correct)


The surmounting of school of languages is not new in the sector, however, with expansion of classroom C, the segment has been very looked for. The expectation is that, with the esportivos events and the economic growth of the country, in 2012, the surmounting of school of languages still more is looked. Each time more the entrepreneurs look surmountings as investment. This because through the surmounting he is possible to have an income-producing business, already structuralized and that he demands little financial resource. The surmounting is a product, and as such is offered the entrepreneur, ready, what it facilitates that the new business grows and pass to give profits quickly. A Surmounting of school of languages offers to fast return Who opts to having an enterprise in the area of education of languages valley to confer the options of surmounting of school of languages.

Beyond already having name in the market, the franqueadoras offer the necessary structure so that if the project starts. The surmountings in general offer to a estimate of return of the value invested in 18 the 24 months and a profit of 20 monthly 30%. According to Association of Brazilian of Franchising – ABF, the estimate is that the sector of surmountings grows 15% in 2012, comparing the 2011. The ABF foresees this growth based on the increase of the companies, industries and marks that have adhered to the system of surmountings. Clearly, valley to detach the economic moment that Brazil lives. The consumer with greater to be able of purchase caused the heating of the market. The expansion of Classroom C expanded the number of buying potentials.

Boom of the civil construction propitiated the creation of new quarters and with this the new creation of shoppings and commercial sectors. The Surmountings of school of languages sufficiently are looked the biggest concern Currently and chance of Brazil and the Brazilians is the esportivos events that the country will receive in 2014 and 2016, World-wide Pantry of Futebol and Olimpadas, respectively. Some cities that will be selected to receive the confederations will need to enable the population so that the services can be made. Therefore, the English is basic for the minimum of communication between the population and the visitors. Still in accordance with the ABF, the North and Northeast of Brazil are the regions that the market of surmountings more grows this explained exactly for the events of the next years. The sector of learning, training and qualification is looked when it is said in surmountings. In the market it has some options. For this, it is enough to know the method of each surmounting of school of languages, to evaluate the conditions and structure that each one provides and to choose optimum business.

Paul Feyerabend Researcher

At last, having in account the fact of that all document is at the same time true and false, it is treated to put to the light the production conditions and to show where measured the document it is instrument of a power. A choice that necessarily means a refusal, a resignation to a infinity others of quarrel possibilities. in all written workmanship it has an absent workmanship. This wants to say that to select sources and ways to tell it estimates the option to exclude from the context other sources and ways to tell. In historiogrficos terms, this indicates that to each interpretation a myriad of other possible forms of apprehension of the object is left of side and that, still, new felt always will be able to emerge of other onslaughts.

The researcher must initiate its to make for the fact, for the empirical data, renouncing of all arcabouo theoretician and if to fix in its device, as it places Paul Feyerabend the idea to lead the businesses of science with the aid of a method, that it locks up firm, invariant principles and unconditionally obligator it is seen ahead of considerable difficulty, when ece of fish in confrontation with the results of the historical research. We verify, making a confrontation, that does not have one alone rule, even so reasonable and established well in the epistemologia, that leaves of being violated at some moment. One becomes clearly that such breakings are not accidental events, are not resulted of insufficient knowledge or carelessness that could have been prevented. We perceive, in contrast, that the breakings are necessary for the progress. In the last few decades a magnifying of the historical document notion is perceived. The widening of the conception of source made possible to the researcher an addition to the investigativas possibilities, what it requires as consequncia, a reflection and problematizao of these alternatives.

Metropolitan Region

I did not have as not to remember that railroad does not sensetize the Toucans exactly, has seen privatization of the FEPASA, abandonment of tracks and stations, a series of things, makes that me to believe that the business of them is same roads, therefore always has one lugarzinho more if for a toll Everything this passed for my head and I nor perceived that the Lynno if esgoelava of the other side of the line, saying: You are there? You are there? The credits go to finish I already saw direct connections of more development comings of Brasilia (Dilma) and So Paulo (Squid) for cities of the Region Metropolitan of Campinas (RMC), such as: Sumar (Bacchim), Hortolndia (Perugini), Arthur Walnut (Capelini), Cosmpolis (Fernandes) and Campinas, city where the Dr. Helium is partner of Squid and the vice one is Demtrio, of the PT. To my side, somebody, that I finished discovering to be Toucan of wallet, fell when hearing mine: ours the Squid goes to govern So Paulo! , but, unhappyly, the Lynno corrected the notice, using Cell, that it was in the last credits: What? She is not president Lula who will be candidate? Ah, she is the president of the Corinthians, the Andrs Sanchez, and to the member of the house of representatives I already had written the heading of the article and I kept it the linking of the Lynno fell. Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist of the assessorship of the press of the City hall of Sumar email: edsonsilva jornalista@ yahoo.com.br>.