Pedagogical Instrument

Therefore, in the playful activity, what it matters is not only the product of the activity that of it results, but the proper action, fancy moments that they are transformed into reality, moments of perception, knowledge, moments of life. This game also allows the sprouting of the affectivity whose territory is of the feelings, the passions, of the emotions, for where fears, sufferings, interests and joys transit. An educative relation that the knowledge of proper feelings estimates and other people’s that require of the educator a deeper attention and an interest in wanting to know more and to coexist the pupil; the affective envolvement, as well as the cognitivo of all the creativity process that involves citizen-to be child (ALMEIDA, 2006). Thus being, the project will follow with the construction of toys, games and the practical one of cantigas of wheels that will become gifts in the infantile education in such a way, as well as, in CI 1 Year enclosing all the pupils propitiating a significant, pleasant learning and stimulant. Uniting practical educative with the proposal of the playful one, becoming the school a glad and receptive space favoring the welfare of the individual and its affective, cognitiva formation social e. To provide to the child a constant learning that involves diverse playful activities as cantigas of wheel; creation of toys and games. Contributing for the formation of the pupil as a whole.

General objective To provide to the child a constant learning that involves diverse playful with cantigas of wheel, creation of toys and games. Contributing for the formation of the pupil as a whole. Objectives Specific – To develop abilities through the construction of toys; – to relate to play and to learn; – to stimulate the habit and the taste for the playful one; – to favor the interaction of the pupils, from the construction of games; – to rescue cantigas of wheel. Methodology the form of appreciation of the project will give from the collective production of toys, entoao of cantigas of wheel, CDs, DVDs, confection of games, etc. Stipulated for each group and with a culminncia in the end of the project. Evaluation To collect, to analyze and to synthecize of objective form all and any manifestation of cognitivas, affective and psicomotoras behaviors that lead the efetivao of its learning. As well as, to ahead characterize and to direct educating, in case that it has reached satisfactory income, of the activities the proposals.

Necessary Change Towards

The necessary change towards the social altruism is not by chance that we have been created like social beings. If we observed deeply our behavior, we will find that each action that we realised is directed to be attracted the social esteem. That is what it sustains to us, and its absence or, worse, the denunciation of the society, causes the greater suffering to us. To feel shame by this indifference or social contempt, is most terrible than a person can experiment, and for that reason we tend to tolerate it and to foment it through the social values like exercise of the power of our ego on the others. Therefore, if we changed the values of the social atmosphere in which we lived, attracting altruistic values such as the preoccupation by the others, sharing, and the mutual union, we will be able then to change our attitudes towards them.

When the society only values to the person by its behavior or dedication to the society, all necessarily we will strive in thinking and acting in favor of the same. If we eliminated the awards that we give the individual excellence, and we would only appreciate to people by its social preoccupation, if the children judged to their parents by these standards, if the friendly, relatives, and colleagues only examined to us according to how or we were related to the others, then we would want to make or to all to gain the esteem to us of the society. Thus, gradually we will get to feel that to express this altruism or generosity towards the others it is a special value and he sublimates in itself, besides the social recognition that grants. We will find that this attitude is in fact the source of the perfect and limitless pleasure; the integral law of the nature, that all contrala and sustains.

Baldassi Rosary

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Classification Of The Toys

Classification of the toys In pedagogical and psychological science they have existed varied criteria to classify the toys, which is very related to the assumed theoretical position. In this sense one is between the first classification of Bhler, for that the toys could be designated in three types: – Toys projected for the movement and the provision of activity motorboat, with view to the muscular development. – Toys adapted for the constructive and creative game, whose phase indicates the beginning of the conquest of the boy of the materials that surround to him. – Toys that are lent to the dramatic action, the fiction, and the imitative game and enable to the boy or girl to penetrate in the world of the fantasy. This classification of Bhler, apparently so simple and little updated for this time, has underlying an approach that seen under the light of an analysis again type, offers interesting edges to consider, something that are had to retake when the relation of the toy with the stimulation of intelligences is valued. J.

Piaget establishes a classification of games and toys already mentioned at the beginning of this material, that is very organic and consequent with its theory of the development of the knowledge, reason why reinforces the approach towards the intellectual sphere. Classifications exist that talk about the chronological ages, relating a series of appropriate toys for a certain stage of the development, and it is spoken toys for suckling babies that, for children of early age, those of pre-school age. This type of classification has many limitations, because as already said previously, the age only can constitute a guide, being more important to evaluate the processes and psychic properties that in a while determined of the development are promoted and stimulated by a given type of toys.