Dhiogo Jose Academic Caetano of State UEG-University of Gois Word-Key: Source, Historiografia, Hermenutica and Historiado. From the analysis of diverse texts, we can notice that the historiogrfico process is something vast and complex and influenced by the vision it historian. Such influence must be washed in consideration to the imperfection of the memory and diverse the problematic ones refuted in the process. As we can see the work of construction of history this interlaced thing with the representation and the hermeneutics, something basic in the modern historiografia, a form to organize and to investigate the sources, however the historian to have to be necessary how much to the look, to hear and to write a true antropolgico work that it aims at properly said to suck the information, of the diverse verbal sources and traditions of groups, etnias and societies, basic for a construction of the past, something that goes deep the memory, the orality, the distant and next past for breaching with the limits of history. However the historian must look at of analytical and empirical form the sources, not considering the worked memory as weapon x, therefore we can find problematic related with the selective memory which is influenced by the way, beyond the subjectivity that much is worked by the historians. Therefore the historiogrfico process walks in the direction of a complexity, however with problematic deep, therefore ' ' never passed it can be repesado or be refuted as aconteceu' '.

Bank Crisis

This increase in household savings can be interpreted as a saving by caution for fear that families have of losing their income to the possibility that its members are unemployed. Already at the end of the week the euphoria generated by the novelty of that in the United States is evaluating the creation of a bad Bank that handles American acquire toxic assets of banks, was absorbed by the new negative news that arose in the major economies developed in general and on the economies of the eurozone in particular. At the same time appearing new negative data, the opinions of prominent personalities specialists in the field do not cease generating fear about the future of the economy of the eurozone. Among the views that have generated more impact, that of billionaire George Soros, who has suggested the concrete possibility that the euro will not survive to the current crisis, has been without a doubt that most concerned has to Europeans. Is that in the vision of Soros, if not to absorb the toxic assets in the financial system, this could significantly affect the strength of the euro in such a way as to endanger their survival. The current crisis is not only threatening the euro but is also doing it with a historical currency such as Sterling. It is that the English economy and financial system are going through deep problems that have led to the quotation of the English currency to minimum levels in relation to the dollar and placed in a relation of quasi parity against the euro. While European governments still find a clear exit to the crisis, the proposal for creation of a bad Bank currently evaluated in the United States.UU. It also appears as a valid alternative for European economies out of the crisis. Is this the solution you are looking for?

Twelve Rosseau Government

Remembering that a constitution of the State is strong and durable if the conveniences they are observed, the natural relations and the laws falling again always into set and being jousts. In it I capitulate Twelve Rosseau weaves commentaries on the division of the laws, where according to it a four relation exists types of laws and that the laws that conduct this relation more nothing are that ' ' laws polticas' '. The third book is presented in 18 chapters, where the author approaches the diverse forms of government (P. 81-132) and its main questions. In the first one I capitulate of this book the author generalizes the government concept detaching its causes ' ' moral and Fisica' ' , and that government nothing more is that a bridge, established between the subjects and the sovereign, for a reciprocal correspondence, in which it starts to be responsible of the execution of the laws and the guarantee of the civil freedom and the politics.

It still makes prominence to the legislative that according to author belongs to the people and not it plus nobody. In as the chapter it comments as the diverse forms of governments are corporate, and that as our author tells in (pg. 88), that the government always if weakens to the mediated one where if increases the magistrates, but if the people will be more numerous greater will be the repressora force. From there according to author ' ' the more the State grows, more the government must be restricted in the ratio: to diminish the heads in reason of the increase of povo.' ' It follows in this chapter the three sequncia of it I capitulate two, that is the division of the government, in this chapter however will show as if it must be made this division. It detaches in this I capitulate the Democratic form of government, where the sovereign delegates the function of the government all the people or its bigger part, also he can opt to the Aristocratic form, restricted the control of the government at the hands of some few or still to be with the Monarchic form, concentrating all the power in the hand of an only magistrate.

New Brazilian Civil Code So great must be the prudence of the countable professional when handling these information, therefore as it makes use the New Brazilian Civil Code in its articles 1,177 and 1,178, the responsibility of the accountant is solidary, that is, it answers in a similar way for the information generated in its reports that the entrepreneur? the supplier of the data – what it calls chairman or master. Beyond supplying the information the company-customers, the quick accountant information to the government of all the spheres: federal, state and municipal; it supplies the statistical data, serving of base for the budgetary planejamentos and tributaries. Costuma to characterize it as a link between the Treasury department and the Contributor. To deal with the importance of the accountant in the enterprise management is to try of some form to evidence a reality not yet evidenced by many, even so this profession is passing for a evolutivo process of awareness of its real importance for the companies. Still it has very to conquer for then reaching the dreamed valuation of the category, therefore many not yet give the due value to this professional, do not understand the value of the countable information, its relation cost benefit, therefore the importance of the information if of basically for its purpose, therefore the more it to bring benefits it company and will be real and trustworth more excellent and influential it will be in the power to decide process in any phase: planning, execution or control. The accountant only limits itself to calculate it and to emit the taxes its customers to pay or it are worried in adjusting it the requirements of the market, that require of it a new professional position? He knows the importance and the responsibility of its acts? He is worried in investing in technologies assist that them in the rapidity and the quality of the given services? The general objective of this article is to show to the new profile of the accountant and the necessities of the reformularizations of accounting for the insertion in the competitive market. Already the specific ones are: to allege the expectations of the profession in Brazil; to show the importance of the accountant in the support to the power to decide process; to verify if the accountant is if preparing to take care of the expectations that if create around such professional.