Czech Republic

When submitting documents to the Magistrate your rights are withdrawn, and the period before issuing a driver's license sample the eu you will be issued a temporary certificate of which indicates when you pass the documents and when you get new rights. With this certificate you can ride the wheel of the car prior to issuance of the original human sample the eu. At the traffic police the Czech Republic to your claims will not be. When departure from the Czech Republic, countries that are not part of the European Union (eg Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and etc), you should apply the same magistrate and the right to exchange the sample at the old eu law, which are stored in the archive Magistrate. This procedure is obligatory, because for example, in Russia you can not move with the rights of the eu sample. You face trial and a fine of Russian traffic police. Incidentally, the service replacement driver's license in the Czech Republic enjoyed by many Koreans living in the neighboring countries of the European Union.

This is due to low cost and simplified procedure for obtaining formal rights model of the European Union Czech Republic. For example, in the neighboring country, Germany, this is not possible, and to learn, pass all tests and exams in Germany, the necessary costs equal to about 2000 Euros, and on-time exchange of rights takes approximately six months. No coincidence that many foreigners living in residence permit or permanent residence in the European Union, specifically prescribed in the Czech Republic to six months a residence permit (this is a necessary condition imposed by the police CR) get driving new law, which will be valid in all eu countries. Condition of residence in the Czech Republic at least 185 days does not commit you to reside in the territory of the Czech Republic (live at this time can and in the country where you work and live). For foreigners wishing to obtain a driver's license in the Czech Republic European Union need the following set of documents: 1.Original passport with a long-stay visa in one of the standard eu 2.Original driver's license photo 3.4 (3,5 X4, 5) 4.Dannye to fill the questionnaire in the Czech police for the registration of registration in Prague. 5.Anketa for citizens of European Union (the sample to the police for Foreigners Czech Republic). 6. Wiring is made at the time of registration of residence. Replacement of the rights of citizens not resident or residents of the eu is at the same location in Prague: Yugmanova, 32. We wish you good roads and pleasant stroll through the countries of the European Union.

The Interrogation

Could finally return to England without fear. But – what happens to my son? "- He said to himself, Cleve. "Instead of celebrating is to be in that state of hopelessness. It seems as if he had received the worst news of the world. When I asked Alex to drop again a laugh. It was a laugh mixture of anger, sarcasm, sadness and despair. "So I do not know what happens? You can not even imagine what is happening to me? – "No .- replied Cleve. I can not.

"But dad you do not realize that I lost my son, my life, my love as a teenager, FOR NOTHING. "How you've lost everything for nothing? I do not understand. "Dad," Alex asked in amazement. "You've heard my story? All my story? – "Of course I heard it. Very carefully. I do not think I missed a word. "There were no charges against me, Dad. There was no charge! There never was a complaint against me .- "And that puts you in a bad mood? I ask Cleve without understanding your child.

"What makes me angry is to have done what we did. Having fled that night without finding out everything about the accident, "said Alex. "Now, it's me who asks you if you've paid attention to what I told Pete," said Cleve. "Of course I did," Alex responded with fury. Is that his father was charged? "Then, reacts and thinks. Much think you would have lasted in the interrogation without incriminarte? I was 18, Alex, for the love of God! "Said his father exasperado." You know what the police pressure, when they want you to declare anything? Any idea on what we've been your mother and I, when we questioned? Only highly intelligent reaction from your mother took us out of this quagmire.

Marketing Strategy

The participation of individuals or companies on social networks and achieve concrete results, they rely on strategies and plans clear and defined in the different social communities on the web. These people not only have defined and quantified what they want to achieve, but that they also measure those results then make corresponding adjustments in the initiatives and/or activities carried out in the media and social networks. It is important that a social media marketing strategy include: 1. research and analysis: investigating thoroughly the social media to understand fully what opportunities there are, where is your target audience, which are ideal channels, etc. They analyse the information collected and defined clearly in what media and social networks will have presence. They define concrete, quantifiable and measurable objectives.

2 Development and implementation: develop an action plan with concrete and detailed activities to be carried out through different channels identified and selected. Then, implement the plan of social media or social media carrying out detailed tasks, recurring and consistent manner. 3. Evaluation and optimization: evaluate the results obtained from the different activities carried out and make corrections and adjustments to achieve the set objectives. In short, those who achieved concrete results in social networks: * have a clear and measurable strategy * investigate and identify appropriate means for its activity * build a professional presence on these networks or social media * they manage and optimize that presence in networks and social media * measured the results of the activities and initiatives carried out all of the above, of coursealigned with the overall objectives of the business.

A social media strategy is sustained as an additional initiative in order to contribute to the achievement of those overall objectives. Another important axis in the social media strategy is to know our target audience. Know who addressed us, where are you, needs must, difficulties or challenges faced, they like, etc.

Social Media

Thanks to social tools an event can go global! Jeff Jarvis said that MySpace has died. Are you agree? Do the stars of the 2.0 reduce Twitter and Facebook? No, the 2.0 is much more than platforms; It is a natural evolution of the Web, it is a concept, a philosophy. The user has evolved: from being passive, has become active, participatory. The 2.0 are the tools that allow us to work with the participation of users. To give you an example, 2.0 can be performed from any platform: networks you mention, a company’s own web, blogs there are a multitude of possibilities. Again Jeff Jarvis says that Twitter is, for now, question of adults, while young people flock to Facebook, is it possible to categorize your audience or target depending whether one and another? Segment not only by age but also by activity; 80% of Twitter users have a professional motivation and knowledge and information sharing. But is it in 140 characters possible? Yes.

The good thing about Twitter is that it allows us a brutal filter; through 140 characters people share what really interests him, especially at the professional level. Just a headline and a link around a conversation will generate. How does it work? It is very ductile; can be used to report an event, but also to give an opinion about what is happening there. The conversation takes on a global dimension overcoming physical barriers posed by the geographical location of the event itself. The event is virtual since then an event does not have to be face-to-face, because, in reality what is an event? It is an experience. In the same way that a flashmob is an event because it is an experience. The flashmobs are successful because people take part in the, but would be a spot or an advertisement on a fence, and not an event.

First Secretary

But about the human mind can not be said. In early childhood, when confronted with the notion of death, any person instinctively resists the perception of this concept, it lasts virtually a lifetime, so it is difficult to reconcile with the fact that man is born only to die forever, that is, the majority of people at the present level of development of human consciousness remains a believer, though many are aware of the inevitability of his sober life at against the existence of infinity of the world in time. In a special series in this respect is a former member of the activities of the Politburo, the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan, Kazakh President Nazarbayev now NA, who came to this issue much progmatichnee. Being an outstanding politician, and knowing full spiritual potential of the multinational “flock”, he became a preacher of faith indigenous nation republic, do not “invent” a new, independent religion, as it may seem at first glance, he created a moral and ethnic system and philosophy, of course, is based on trust of their fellow citizens in God, but really affects only the issues of relations between people, ethics and morality, not touching religious issues and beliefs, not correcting them and, moreover, does not require belief in a Supreme Being and the immortality of the soul, believing it private matter, that is, respecting the beliefs and atheists..

The Theories

In the repressive function: as the vision of the author learning possesss this function, since the professor works with clear limits and the school is a permeado space of limits (the use of uniforms, schedules, programming of pedagogical tasks etc.) Moreover, does not have space for the full expression of the desire to learn because, most of the time, the activities are collective and a citizen represents the limit of the other. In the transforming function: here it is here the element of dichotomy of the functions of the learning, therefore, at the same time where it possesss the function of the maintenance of the culture (function socializadora) and to delimit the citizen (repressora function), the learning has the function to free the man from the knowledge and, for consequence, to transform the society. These functions determined for the author show as the learning process functions and that the absence of one of the functions can affect in what we determine of learning difficulties. It is portraying this importance that if the same emphasizes the proposal of development of the knowledge and joint of for the learning by means of games and tricks. 1.2 The theories and playing Playing in the learning is not a methodology, but a strategy for the development of education.

Many researchers believe that the trick, that is, the interaction can relieve good fruits. The stimulation is born by means of the games and of the interpersonal contact between ' ' professor and aluno' '. This pedagogical structure unchains the formation of construtivistas concepts, therefore they adhere to the ideologies piagetiana. In accordance with the periods of training of the development in relation the proposal of playing as proposal in the pertaining to school activity Piaget affirms: The game is, therefore, under its two essential forms of exercise sensrio-engine and symbolism, an assimilation of the Real to the proper activity, supplying to this its necessary food and transforming the Real into function of the multiple necessities of I.

The Main

' ' For the intent reader (…) the man of the subsoil offers more than what the shady negation of the project of the Iluminismo. The main contradiction, that one that worries the man of the subsoil and is the source of its impious and paralisante dialectic, says respect to liberdade' '. (HIBBS, 2003 p.183). What we will make then of these millions of facts that certify the men, having even so perfect conscience of its interest, they relegate it as the plain one and they enveredam for a different, total full way of risks of acasos? They are not, however, forced to this; but it seems that they necessarily want to prevent the road that if it indicated to them, to trace freely, capriciously, one reconhecvel, badly obscure other, full of difficulties, absurd. It is that this freedom possesss its eyes more attractive than its proper interests? The interest! What is the interest? It pledge themselves in me to define with all the exactness where consist the interest of the man? That you will say you if a beautiful day if comes to discover that the human interest, in certain cases, it can or same it must consist of desiring not an advantage, but one badly? If it is thus, if this in case that if it can present, then everything pulls down.

What you think of this? Such in case that it can be presented? (DOSTOIVSKI, 2000) With license! We go explaining in them; it is not with games of words that if can clarify the question. What it makes the singularity of this thing, this interest, is that it destroys all our classifications and modifies all the systems built for the friends of the human sort for the happiness of the man. In a word, it is a embarrassment, an obstacle. But, before you pointing this thing, I want to commit itself personally, and I affirm then with altivez that all these beautiful systems, that all these theories that intend to explain the humanity where that they consist its normal interests, so that it if virtuous and soon noble lathe in its effort to reach said interests, declare that everything this does not pass of logistic.


All we have almost gone of small to a factory of these characteristics, nevertheless, our proposal is invitarte that you attend with all your family. Of this form, it will be easier that your son or daughter is interested in the own one culture, since, after each factory, conversations about the realised activities that will serve as motivating agent for him or it will arise from natural form. It prepares a celebration for your children, the friendly of your children and their grandparents In the primitive societies, it was habitual custom to consider the grandparents as the wise people of the tribe and consulted themselves to them like experts to solve infinity of problems. Nowadays, this custom is had to a great extent lost, although for the majority of the grandsons, their grandparents are the best ones. He takes advantage of the special bond that unites to your children with its grandparents, to organize a celebration to which their friendly, accompanied of their grandparents and grandmothers go.

He asks the grandparents who count histories of when they were small, that teach to games and traditional dances to them. This form, your children will know a little better the traditional culture and will develop the love by her. He goes with your family to assemblies and debates Often we took to our children to meetings in which problems appear that are necessary to solve in our neighbor community. The certain thing is that it usually we do because we do not have with who to leave them. Why instead of to do this we did not animate them to take an active paper in the meeting? If it is something likes any boy, girl or adolescent is that they treat like an adult, and this can be a perfect form to do it. It animates to your son that it listens to the problems that are exposed in this type of meetings and invtalo to contribute to solutions and ideas.