Apud Brazil

It was worried, with the great properties, emphasizing the limitation necessity for that they could not cultivate. When limiting in 4 (four) lguas (2400 ha), was foreseen that it could have greater equity between the distribution and, clearly, the necessary culture. One more time, it is placed in question that who not to cultivate, must lose them. ' ' I was served to command the inhabitants I say, I was served to command to the Listeners bred of new that each I clinked in lands of its districts they examine if the sesmarias that if have given of bigger fulfilment of four lguas and one of width, if are cultivated by the donees or its colonists and tenants in fee in part or all so that the cultivated ones if conserve and the ones that will not have if they judge, for vacant according to distribute for other inhabitants its possibilities, of that you acknowledgment to have understood it thus (LETTER REGAL, IN 27/12/1695 Apud Brazil, 2007: Volume III: 59). ' ' But, only two years later, in letter it prevailed of 7 of December of 1697, determines the government of Portugal, that the granted sesmarias, are limited the 3 (three) lguas, emphasizing, again, the necessity of the production and that in amount raised, it would not have conditions to produce that ' ' she is what she understands yourself can a person cultivate in the term of the law because in more she is to hinder that others populate and that the ones that ask for and reach do not cultivate (REGAL LETTER, in 7/12/1697 Apud BRAZIL, 2007: Volume III: 60) ' '. Explicitava, therefore the concern of Portugal with the process of povoamento, that would not be being contents carried through it, in view of the land concentration. Moreover, exactly forcing the exit of Portuguese for Brazil, the condition was not similar to England, in the povoamento process American north. .

Federal Capital

In the partnerships in Federal Capital generally us we find with two types of matafuegos: .ABC of 5 kg (that contain Dust like quench agent) that is those that there is in the general floors, garages and areas. At Commons Speaker you will find additional information. BC (that contain carbonic Gas like quench agent) in room of elevators and room of mediodres of light. The letters indicate their use in the different types from fires.Class A (solid propellants), Class B (liquid fuels), Class C (current electrical) to always consider that the ABC is but light, dice the cylinder is less heavy, and than matafuegos BC of 5 kg it weighs but of 16 kg, which causes that the BC less are indicated to off-hook and to move on the part of women, and people majors. Also ALWAYS in order to be able to use matafuegos it has: 1) To break or to remove to the seal (plastic) in the photo in color rojo.2) To remove the tie from security (metallic Hoop) throwing for outside until removing totally. 3) To maintain vertically matafuegos (never laid down),4) to point the fuze of the hose towards the base of the fire. 4) To tighten the handle (the one of above) the one of down is only for taking hold. The handle remembers that if loose detendra the unloading of the matafuegos.

5) To totally unload the matafuegos ones on the fire center. THE USER NEVER MUST TRY TO TRY BEFORE USE. He is advisable to unload simultaneously but of matafuegos.