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THE history of BUFFALO TOURS TOUR operator in VIETNAM in 1994, a young doctor, passionate about adventure travel, founded the small tour operator Buffalo Tours. At first, only had the enterprise a desk and a phone that rarely sounded. However, the calls became more frequent and Buffalo Tours began to be known and regarded as une agency pioneer with innovative ideas. Buffalo Tours was the first company to propose regions never explored adventure travel. In 1994, we started hiking in the region of Mai Chau and in 1997, we were also the first to introduce outputs kayaking in Halong Bay, with wooden boats. Today, we are specialized in not only in Viet Nam but also in Laos and Cambodia adventure travel.

In 1998, we opened an Office in Ho Chi Minh City, then two in Cambodia, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, and one in Danang in the Centre of Viet Nam. Recently, we opened agencies in two hotels 5 stars from Ho Chi Minh City: the Renaissance Riverside and the New World. We continue to collaborate with a trusted partner in Laos since a few years and finally very recently opened a representative office in Australia. Several times awarded, Buffalo Tours is nowadays a company of this internationally renowned for throughout Indochina. They consider us as one of the best tour receptive operators of Viet Nam. Last year, more than 16 000 customers were satisfied by our services. We like both develop an itinerary directly with the client how to work collaboratively with partners, increasingly numerous, that are tour operators or travel agencies. Buffalo Tours is a tour operator receptive organizing Indochina trips but also carries out a control in situ for more than 200 companies scattered around the world.

The company developed very fast but our philosophy is still the same; do all our possible to satisfy you, choose routes where others dare not and helping local communities. Over the years, Buffalo Tours developed a long selection of travel in Indochina that adapt to all the needs and preferences. Travel in fixed output group or tailor-made for individual trips, we can organize: Adventurein Buffalo Tour trips, we started with the creation of adventure travel and were rewarded for the quality of our services. Kayaking, mountain biking, hiking these activities can be the heart of your travel or combined with moments of rest or cultural visits. Travel to the grandeBuffalo Tours also offers exclusive experiences with top quality services. You can choose the most prestigious hotels in Indochina or, if you prefer, with charm and class boutique hotels. Other types of viajesBuffalo Tours offers longer stays based on fundraising and aid projects for local communities, during which you can make excursions in the region. We are developing our services in this sector by which our director won Face of the Future Award by the leg. Buffalo Tours can customize your trip according to your centers of interest, that is the history, the gastronomy or even golf.

Bypass Gastric

One of the most unpleasant aesthetic consequences that occur with sudden weight changes is the appearance of scars on the skin commonly known as Striae, which appear when the elastic fibers of the more superficial layers of the skin are broken. Our skin has an amazing ability to stretch out and collapsed. Elastin and collagen give flexibility and elasticity and that when we raise or lower weight skin accommodate new bodily forms very quickly, but in that process many elastic fibers are irreparably damaged. When this happens they begin to become visible a few small marks which, at the end of heal, will be indelible. It is important to prevent its occurrence taking care of skin and body weight. Stretch marks are located mainly in the abdomen, thighs, breasts and arms, places that are more prone to sudden stretching, and are no different from other scars. Initially they are red, very fine and soft coloration.

While physicians ensure that stretch marks cannot be removed, During this first stage treatments that fly them imperceptible may apply. In addition to the application of moisturizing and nourishing creams, it is important to control power and exercise often. By following these steps your skin becomes more elastic and healthy, and the scars will pass unnoticed. If not it handles them is when they are born likely emergence of new brands. Over time, stretch marks take a whitish coloration, which means that the layers of skin have already healed and there is no possibility of treating them. A bleaching cream that will match the color of the area can be applied to disguise them.

Surgery is the only alternative that completely erase stretch marks, whether they are old or new, through the Elimination of the superficial layers of the skin and exposing a new coating is not damaged. However, not in all cases it is necessary to resort to these processes. If after have undergone gastric bypass and have thinned a lot of kilos you feels dissatisfied with the way in which they wear these scars on your body, consult your doctor about the best treatment. Greetings, Hector Bernal original author and source of the article.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Punk rock band Debuts I m With You on August 30, with a concert that you may see in cinemas around the world. In addition, inciaran a tour that will bring them on December 15 at Barcelona and day 17 to Madrid. The American band Red Hot Chili Peppers once again publish an album five years later. It will be on August 30 when it goes on sale the work of Californians, I m With You, which will be the tenth Studio album that published. The launch, as it could not be less, will be an event globally. The same day in which the disc goes on sale the band will play live in the German city of Cologne.

It will be a very special concert, because they will play full album and the show be broadcast live and will be viewable on almost thousand cinemas and theatres around the world, including Spain, where 18 cinemas will offer the concert. Yelmo Cines will offer this spectacle, at 21.00 hours in high-definition, big screen and digital sound, with just a few minutes of delay. I m With You, which bears the seal of Rick Rubin, with whom the band has already worked in other five albums, comes after the success achieved with Stadium Arcadium, which managed to debut at the top position in the sales charts of up to 28 countries, including United States, where for the first time managed to reach number one. With more than 60 million albums sold and six awards Grammy on their backs, the authors of hits like Give it Away, Californication or Under The Bridge embark with this new work on a world tour that they will bring on 15 December at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona and the 17th day to the Palacio de Deportes of the community of Madrid. The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie is the first video from his new album, and days ago they hung pictures on the Internet, where they are seen playing on the roof of a building, to the amazement of passers-by. Source of the news: Red Hot Chili Peppers new album and a tour that will bring them to Spain

Luxembourger Andy Schleck

Evans gets in the timed overcome his disadvantage with Andy Schleck. It will be the first Australian who put the yellow jersey in Paris. Cadel Evans gets 34 years his first Tour de France. The Australian Cadel Evans (BMC) was second in the penultimate stage of the 2011 Tour, a 42.5 miles behind the German Tony Martin (HTC), individual time trial, and snatch the lead the Luxembourger Andy Schleck (Leopard). Evans, who faced the day with 57 seconds of disadvantage compared to the lesser of the Schleck brothers, surpassed him this Saturday by more than two minutes. The Australian, for 34 years, is the virtual winner of this edition of the Tour, failing only in the last stage, with the finish on the Champs Elysees in Paris. Andy Schleck is second overall, to 1.34, and his brother Frank, third, to 2.36.

Do I not believe Evans wept after getting off the podium in which placed him the Tour de France leader’s yellow Jersey, a day before the honorary walk of the winner by the Champs Elysees of Paris. I don’t think so, I’ve been so long focused on win, said the Australian, virtual winner. Evans, that tomorrow will be the first Australian to win the race, said that he was afraid twice lose this Tour. With the mechanical problem on Friday in the Telegraphe and with Andy Schleck and Contador ahead I was afraid. But I kept my cold blood, he confessed.

20 Years ago I saw the Tour de France for the first time on television. That day I started to work to achieve it. I do for cycling, but also for all those who have believed in me, starting with Aldo Sassi, said in rrencia to his coach, who died in December passed by a brain tumor. Source of the news: Cadel Evans takes the throne of the Tour de France from Andy Schleck