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Economic and social globalization has hurt businesses that close and provide increasingly less work. It would seem that Latin America doomed to failure due to the lack of creation of national industries because no political or economic strategies which exist almost always are poor and inefficient. Additionally schedules are generally short term and to grow a country there has to be a change in small and medium-sized enterprises, since they are responsible for generating employment constituting a significant percentage in the GDP Natural resources that Latin America has not you use them properly, I mean to be able to possess comparative advantages, since this is what generates competitiveness in a nation from that.These resources are very rich in terms of competitiveness at the national level unfortunately not so in practice so we can warn a major failure in Latin America of real capitalism, leaving aside the Cuba case, with its blocked socialism, Spanish-speaking countries have not dared to insinuate still an alternative to capitalism with respect to the U.S.even before the fall of the Berlin wall the American capitalism continues and will continue to be a global branding. Argentina and the FTAA: the question here is would we be members of FTAA?. The answer is no.United States not only looks at the point of view of economic but also of power and hegemony. This agreement has much similarity with the NAFTA Treaty since it seems to be just an extension of the same.A disadvantage that has Argentina as Brazil is that there are articles that are not related to this Treaty with the trade itself, as it is:? The capital flow control? Law of intellectual property? The standards that have to do with working conditions. Bump this mainly because United States, under its imperialist mentality, not have to say that labor standards will have to boost Latinoamerica.

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United Kingdom, is the European leader in hotel development the United Kingdom is located as a leader in the development of hotels in the European market. This is known by means of a global study by Deloitte. 120.251 Rooms that are under construction in 718 hotels on the continent, 14.061 found in United Kingdom (12% of the total). The dish of London be held in the Olympic 2012 Games, perhaps this explains the reasons for this trend. Russia moves behind the British with 7,477 rooms in development, followed by Germany with 5.402, Turkey with 4.556, and finally Sweden with 3,086. In the listing by region, ranked first place Asia Pacific, with a 63.9% occupancy and an average price of $ 147 per room. Behind is the Middle East and Africa region.

America is in last place after Europe, with an average of 46.3% occupancy and an average price per room from $ 100 per night. This study was conducted in December 2010. Deloitte carried out this study from the daily monitoring of more than 420 companies in 140 countries. Through this database, it is possible to analyze a report of the most important Hotel performance in the world. London, also has cheap hotels, so that travellers are not left without visiting this magnificent city.

United Kingdom

However, there are those who propose a violent change type Eastern Europe to generate a liberal capitalism (so where you want much of the exiles Cubans in Miami) or an anti-bureaucratic revolution that would impede the return of capitalism and return to the path of Lenin or Che (as postulated some Marxists). The Communist Party, however, rejects this because it ensures that if your model breaks the Cuba post-Castro could follow the path of Yugoslavia Finnish and entering a terrible civil war. Havana would prefer to follow the route of China and Viet Nam maintain control of the Communist Party but make concessions to the market and perhaps some ideological pluralism. Labour despite the fact that the United Kingdom proposes that Cuba becomes a democracy, the monarchy does not choose its head of State or to its upper House. Fidel Castro (leader of Cuba since 1959) and Elizabeth II (British Queen since 1952) have been heads of State that most have lasted in Office throughout the West.

While the first justified his position by having commanded a popular revolution, the second does it for the rights of his family. Although some labour sectors wanted Britain to have an Head of State and a Senate elected, his party (after nearly 11 years in power) has been limited to giving a more modern air to the monarchy while his reform of the House of Lords 738 still does not disrupt the fact that his power is the only one where all the members of the upper House have been appointed and not elected. The House of Commons has 646 members each of whom is elected representing a district. With this plurality system the winner in each party takes all. So in the 2005 election labour won 35% of the votes in all the United Kingdom but was left with 55% of the Parliament, which can govern without making concessions or coalitions.

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EUR euro advances against the pound yesterday, the euro advanced strongly against the pound, since Euro zone decreased by 25 points interest rates taking them to 1%. It is the lowest rate recorded in the history of the Euro zone. The euro was driven, above all, because investors now believe that Jean Claude Trichet will continue to show flexibility within the ECB. In addition, the euro added points by the publication of the German Factory Orders on Thursday. These two factors allowed the euro to advance throughout the day.The euro ended rising in 120 pips against the pound, and closed at 0.8908. Above all, by trimming interest rates implemented by the ECB. On the other hand, some investors have doubts about the financial capacity within the United Kingdom. The euro recorded gains of up to 65 pips against the dollar and closed at 1.3362.

This happened since economic publications were disappointing in the United States, also the result of the Bank Stress was not the best. Against the yen, the euro advanced 170 pips, given that the investor confidence returned to the Zona.Para Euro today is expected from both the United Kingdom and the Euro zone publications. The balance of trade, and the figures for industrial production at 10.00 GMT be published in Germany. In the United Kingdom, on the other hand, will be published the PPI Input and PPI Output at 8: 30 GMT. These indicators will determine the level of variation both the euro and the pound throughout the day. JPY the yen gave against the majority of currencies on Thursday, the yen, it ended up ceding ground against most currencies. However, the main causes of this phenomenon were virtually outside factors. The yen suffered with force outside events. The yen investors are closely monitoring the possibility of a global economic recovery.The yen fell in 80 pips against the dollar and closed at 99.20, recording losses for a second consecutive day against the dollar.