China First

There are different opinions about when the first money and how they looked. Someone claims that they have appeared in China (the last of his money, probably, will appear in the same place) in the form of cowrie shells pearl, someone claims that they were made in the form of rounded stones whether in Okinawa, whether in Indonesia. There are plenty of theories and hypotheses on this subject. But I know exactly when the first money! I first owned the money appeared in 1976 year. I really wanted to buy a brand jeans! Very, very.

They cost at the push of 260-280 rubles. And my father earned so much in a month, not being the last man in the oil branch. What to say about his mother, who worked yes it does not matter Who, simpler than Dad. What could they say about buying a brand jeans for a monthly salary of my 13-year-old youngster? You guessed it. But this desire to have a brand jeans did not decrease. I was ready for any enterprise. And then found a prompter! It turns out that in the nearby taxi station in the car washed taxi drivers were paying a dollar! I quickly began to take in mind how many cars can I wash a day. Even the train on his father's dime.

Y I got about 15-20 minutes by car. With arithmetic, I was all right. So, the morning school, then homework, about 4 o'clock I'm free, up to 10 can hang out where I want.