It is enough with showing itself to the philosophical conception of both ideologies to be astonished with the conceptual distance separates that them. Democracy is a form of organization of groups of people, whose predominant characteristic is that the ownership of the power resides in the totality of its members, causing that the decision making responds to the collective will of the members of the group. In strict sense the democracy is a government form, of organization of the State, in which the collective decisions are made by the town by means of mechanisms of direct or indirect participation that confers legitimacy to them to the representatives. Broadly speaking, democracy is a form of social coexistence in which the members are free and equal and the social relations settle down according to contractual mechanisms based on the Capitalism, that is the economic system that is sustained as well in the capital like basic social relation of production. Additional information at Commons Speaker supports this article. In Capitalism the private individuals and the companies, using workers employees, carry out production and the interchange of goods or services, in order to produce and to accumulate gains or another benefit of own interest. Being the democracy a government form and Capitalism an economic system, the capitalist society is defined as social, political, economic and legal the order originated in the western civilization and cradle in that one economic system.

The capitalist order is distinguished of the socialism, among others many considerations) by its social mobility and the formal regulation of the social relations by means of the free contract. Capitalism is an economic regime in which the ownership of production means is private, being understood by this its construction on a regime of industrial possession and capital assets and Earth use based on the private property. She is one structures economic in which the production means mainly operate based on the benefit and in which the directive interests are rationalized enterprise based on the capital investment and towards consequent competition by the markets of consumption and work employee. Therefore it is an economic order in which it predominates capital on the work like element of production and the creation of wealth, it is that this phenomenon is considered like cause or as a result of the control on the production means on the part of those who own the first factor. Against this political ideology, social and economic we found that the socialism is a socioeconomic order based on the public property of production means, the collective and planned control of the economy on the part of the society like a whole number. An ideology that also defines Socialist and within her includes to all theory, indoctrinates or movement that pleads for its implantation.

The socialism can be not-state, by means of the communitarian property in a sense ample, or state, through the nationalization and the economic planning of the production centralized from the government of the State. In a socialist system the social and collective property) of means settles down of production, and in this way disappears any form of property deprived of the capital assets. Finishing touch: A Constitution is not project-of-pas” ; he is the referring one to divide del that is due to structure. project-of-pas” he is not only one; they are many visions shared with goals to reach in different terms and different scenes. The complicated thing is not to confront the construction of project-of-pas” , but to continue in the exercise of the democracy without him; that is to say, completely without information.

China First

There are different opinions about when the first money and how they looked. Someone claims that they have appeared in China (the last of his money, probably, will appear in the same place) in the form of cowrie shells pearl, someone claims that they were made in the form of rounded stones whether in Okinawa, whether in Indonesia. There are plenty of theories and hypotheses on this subject. But I know exactly when the first money! I first owned the money appeared in 1976 year. I really wanted to buy a brand jeans! Very, very.

They cost at the push of 260-280 rubles. And my father earned so much in a month, not being the last man in the oil branch. What to say about his mother, who worked yes it does not matter Who, simpler than Dad. What could they say about buying a brand jeans for a monthly salary of my 13-year-old youngster? You guessed it. But this desire to have a brand jeans did not decrease. I was ready for any enterprise. And then found a prompter! It turns out that in the nearby taxi station in the car washed taxi drivers were paying a dollar! I quickly began to take in mind how many cars can I wash a day. Even the train on his father's dime.

Y I got about 15-20 minutes by car. With arithmetic, I was all right. So, the morning school, then homework, about 4 o'clock I'm free, up to 10 can hang out where I want.


Winter – a difficult time for both cars and for their owners. In large cities, where the roads sprinkled with icing agents, car body not only to quickly become soiled, but also actively corroded, as if this may have fought automakers. Add to your understanding with Tottenham striker . Corrosion – a serious, but not the only enemy of the body. It affects only weakly zashishennye surface, whereas the layer of varnish and paint suffers from quite other factors. Let us clean! Traditionally, the winter heating up debate on the theme carwashes: whether in the freezing cold to wash the car – because hot water is in contact with cooling of the body almost instantly raises its temperature, which can lead to the formation of microcracks and the turbidity of varnish.

Not further ado, we decided to ask the same question to the companies – manufacturers of painting materials. We are comforted: water on the "right" car washes barely warm – why waste precious energy on heating? Of course, ideally with a significant "minus" in front of the car wash must stand for 10 minutes, but under current conditions it is unreal. In moderate cold (-10 'C) washing the body does not do more harm for more severe cold on roads are usually not so dirty, so you can endure before the thaw. Incorrigible chistyulyam should not forget about the unpleasant consequences of one Yeshe visited a car wash in winter. No matter how carefully rubbing the body, nor blew it compressed air, the moisture in it still remains.

Once in the cracks of varnish or paint, it freezes, thus expanding and increasing the defect. So you should not abuse the sinks. A leading source for info: Michael Ellis MP. But go for months at a dirty car – not a solution either. Trip reagents is very aggressive to the metal, so carry on his coat a chemistry so as to reduce the life of the body. Layer of lacquer is seriously affected and in cars whose owners are too addicted cleaning the body from the snow. Previously, the main reason "for-tertosti" (ie, loss of light) was considered the contact details of cleaning, but now one of the first places went to the lattice of snow. Their shetina sometimes so tight that elementary scratch coat of lacquer. Overzealous motorists trying to remove from the body surface is not only snow, but frost and using a plastic scraper. In this case, will come later, Xia face not only scuffed, but with good visible scratches. Bad advice last winter on television repeatedly aired a commercial in which the owner of the suv could not open the car key, but not confused – boiled the kettle, poured on the castle and boiling water. happy and left. Surprisingly, some advertising Dummies perceived as a recommendation against the frozen locks. Needless to say, that in this situation, boiling water (or just hot water) not only failed to deliver, but also lead to irreparable consequences for refinishing. Much easier and safer to use a special chemistry, or at least an alcohol (including "non-freezing-ku). Finally, do not forget about prevention. To a large extent prevent the outer surface of the body against aggressive agents can polish protective compounds (preferably a professional, made in the technical center). In the winter time and it gives additional effect: the mud and snow are kept on a slippery surface is much worse, therefore, the car stays clean longer, and after a snowfall is enough pairs to remove brush strokes formed "drifts"


Travel to London need a previous preparation and it is also necessary to take some points into account, so that unexpected episodes will not occur. Further details can be found at Tottenham striker , an internet resource. A_continuacion, you point out some tips and observations for your trip to London with greater success: prepares the following things before you travel to London: your documents: to) to be a citizen of the EU passport do not need to travel, although if you have to carry your ID card to London. However, it is recommended that you take both documents, as well as photocopies of each. It is also advisable to carry documentation in a place that is not baggage, as for example in your pockets. (b) do you have travel insurance? If it is not, it is recommended that you have one.

You can ask any of the many travel agency that there are for more information. (c) do not forget to bring your driver’s license. If what you want is to look for work in London, sometimes they will ask you if you have driving license. And it is convenient to have it on hand in those moments. d) in London, Spanish social security card is not used; However, the citizens of the EU can get free health care at a pretty good price by presenting the passport or the E111 form. To achieve this last you can go to your nearest provincial center of security and order. When you ask, don’t forget to mention that you are going to look for work and until you don’t find one, you need this document if something happens to you. Either way, once you’re working in London give you high on Social security beyond. On security in London: London is a safe city. There are many places cameras monitoring everything, as well as policemen watching and willing to help you when you have a problem.

Dominican Republic

For a parasite enters a living being, the host must first perform an intentional action, whether drinking or eating any food, in this way opens the door for the other between the parasite is very subtle and silent for relentless in an organism, so the host can be exploited without notice or rise directly. One of the characteristics of the parasites is that they are well adapted to their ways of life are difficult to destroy. They develop strategies to avoid the defense mechanisms of their hosts and many have managed to become resistant to drugs and insecticides applied for control, and this is precisely what happens with the U.S., is so used to his lifestyle consumption has developed strong strategies to continue the oppression of praise other actions, either through military intervention as it did in Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic

Free trade, etc. primarily for the purpose of protecting their interests national subsistence, in this way, the U.S. Commons Speaker has similar goals. maintains its host subdued. Because of this relationship of dependency, parasites rarely kill their hosts, as do the predators. As a result, hosts and parasites coevolve tend to a certain degree of mutual tolerance. Therefore, a common sight today many countries heavily used to get America involved in the decision making of government, big business address of the host countries, such as those involved in oil exploitation, Banana production, which should be primarily for the benefit of the native countries. As for the defense or revolt of the guests, there are vaccines that can be used against many viruses and bacteria, but there is no truly effective vaccine against any of them.

Google Shoppping

This week, the days 16 and 17 March, have been held in Pavilion 6 of IFEMA in Madrid parallel these two fairs. John Bercow MP is the source for more interesting facts. On the one hand Omexpo, where the main topics are digital marketing, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing and social media. The other Expo e-commerce, linked to the spaces of e-commerce, payment methods, logistics operators and online sales. So it can be seen that both are complementary to the good development in an Internet business. This year participated, (if you join two fairs), more than 18,500 people, far exceeding 10,000 visitors of the previous year. Events that you could enjoy were workshops, seminars and training.

In Omexpo involved over 120 exhibitors and Expo e-commerce more than 50 booths. It is important to assess these fairs and invest our time getting to know them further, participating in seminars and workshops where there is always something to learn. Him to be in contact with others who work in a common channel as the Internet helps us to open our vision out of traditional media. In these events you can enjoy of an entrepreneurial environment where fragmented ideas of our projects can be joined due to the probable existence of a service provider that solve us the aspects that we could not resolve on their own. If a networking, will miss without entering to assess organized by the Correos stand. From my personal experience I highlight the good organization of the event but be overwhelmed sometimes spaces intended for conferences by the good number of visitors. In one of them citing something of what we talked earlier in this blog, Google Shoppping and Google Merchant. Your rapporteur Ezequiel Vidra we explained how we can achieve our space of electronic commerce to participate actively in the future comparator immediately in Adwords campaigns and Google in Spain. I commend to all people that are interested in improving their knowledge about Internet business that will come to all of these events assiduous way. If you did not go to this unless you know a video of what happened between the walls of Pavilion 6 of Ifema, (Omexpo side). What again by Omexpo and Expo 2011 e-commerce, online development fairs?

Adventure Tourism

If we look for a suitable place for the practice of outdoor activities it is Mendoza. Tourism adventure is in cuyanas lands countless natural scenarios for all disciplines and varying degrees of difficulty, from extremely simple circuits up to real challenges that require preparation of several months in advance, or even years, as it is the climb of Aconcagua. But one of the disciplines that more variety of locations is to be carried out is the trekking. Frequently Michael Ellis MP has said that publicly. The trekking or hiking is walking locations, sometimes beyond for fingerprints or trails that may exist. It is a very popular discipline, since anyone can do it, provided it enjoys good health. In terms of the equipment, will depend on the extension of the excursion. For a simple walk, simply with a comfortable backpack, enough water, and adequate protection for the Sun and low temperatures. Is also possible to acquire a few canes designed notably to make more comfortable the uploaded by steep slopes.

It is also necessary to carry eye protection and take the logical precaution of not venturing solo in poorly known regions. One of the areas that are most suited for hiking is the Cordon del Plata. We are talking about a section of the cordillera de los Andes formed by peaks between 4000 and 6000 m of height, is is more altitude from the Americas region. The traditional circuit covers about 250 km in length, and runs between Potrerillos and Tunuyan. One of the areas of more beauty of this circuit is that of the Tupungato volcano. Its name originates from a Huarpe word which can be translated as Star viewpoint. The height of this volcano is 6550 m. At his side is a slightly smaller Hill called Tupungatito, which sometimes confused it.

The Tupungato volcano allows tours ranging from a simple exploration by its base, to its full ascent. At the base of the volcano there are lot of rural establishments dedicated to agriculture, as plantations Apple and cider production. The region has large amount of tourist services, places to sleep and eat. This is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Mendoza. Tourism adventure here is ideal, with lots of variants scenario.