The Sugar Colonial Society

The COLONIAL SOCIETY SUGAR Elias Joo Penalty SUMMARY: This work looks for to focus the life in the sugar colonial society, of this of the device until the arrival and contribution of the Jesuits to defend a people who of free and happy was passing to a life suffered from slaughter and escravismo. Beyond displaying on the sugar colonial society, it will try to explain that the indian suffered equally as the black and the mestizo. This research also looks for to tell the importance of the black as man power for the Portuguese, mainly in the constructions and maintenances of the devices, telling its suffering as human being, person whom feeling thinks and has, humanistic qualities, rejected for that they only wanted to explore and to maltreat these men, women and even though defenseless children of any rights that its freedom guaranteed. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: black, indian, colonial, white and crossbred sugar society. DEVICE: It can be said that; the device was the set that contribua for the production of sugar cane-of-sugar. Where it had the chapel (place where if it carried through religious masses, marriages and meeting with free men and obliged farmers), the house-great one (housing Mr. of device and its family), the sugar cane, the canavial and senzala (housing of the slaves). In the manufacture of the sugar it had the milling, the house to purge and the house of the boilers.

Department Trade

Visible things have their time, the invisible are eternal. The dynamics of the current global economic scenarios, show significant signs which have impact on the economy of many countries, most now when has appeared a global economic crisis which has had effects in many countries that were not prepared for it. To this is added, in the Venezuelan case, the actions of a Government that has tried to establish what he called socialism of the 21st century and whose actions, programs have seriously affected the business sector, affecting many companies that weren’t prepared for it. The truth, which should also be considered that the current Government has undertaken changes in pro to manifest a more aggressive international trade policy, adapted to the demands of the present. Thereon, to the open forum on the subject at the Department of international trade of the postgraduate program of master’s in business administration, under my responsibility, the Orlando CASTEJoN participant opinion: the current Government has been activating the policy of foreign trade, seeking alliances, treated integration which favour the country, although since then it is preference given to the political party. David Onate in his work of degree of the University of Barcelona, mentions: the market is not neutral, is an economic instrument that can serve to build or destroy.

Although it is a medium large differences generator you can become also a medium for the distribution of wealth. The same thing that science can be directed for peace or for war. It will depend on the will of man, but this desire is, today, those who control the world, or what is the same who control the markets. ( can say that fair trade is a new factor for Venezuela in the current international trade according to his thesis, the fair trade offers a simple and direct method to improve the situation of producers in developing countries.

Espirito Santo

The medieval man lived for the other for the sky. A subject a teocntrico being lived service the holy ghost a being for beyond. If he supported in a word of faith, and the writings of the BIBLE. Now why everything this if repeats? Because we live in a society dominant oppressor and, create our children of a missed form, to be competitive, aggressive individualists and vain people, Today the modern man, goes to the hairdresser makes plastic likes to travel, to take a walk, to take care of of body, shaping making musculao, etc. did not learn nothing with the medieval man, searching the things of the sky.

LIFE EXAMPLE. Now we go to come back to the city of Belm he has two a thousand years behind, he was born in a manger a boy, son of a common woman and of a carpenter, its parents JOSE ARE MARIA. Which the poor, excluded, kept out of society future of this boy, parents. But this boy had a name called JESUS, who wants to say ' ' GOD WITH US ' '. It was call of Master. He made college? Not. But full Age of the Espirito Santo, and its mind if he opened to any human agreement. Its intention of life? To make the good, to cure the sick people to take a word of love, encorajamento force and pardon., to all the human beings, did not discriminate nobody loved to all with the same intensity.

Job? It did not have, but never it lacked nothing to it, passed its life if dedicating to the others. Its friends? All, mainly the kept out of society poor persons and of the periphery. He did not reject nobody looked that it, it always had a word of consolation and love. Its main intention? THE CROSS. Madness, as it said the Greeks.

Airbus Has Chosen Ubisense As Strategic Partner De Localizacion In Real Time And Adjudges His First Great Contract To Him

The contract by 10 years will unfold the solutions of production of Ubisense in a series of projects to help in continuous processes, to reduce the downtimes and to equip to Airbus with an improved vision and a control in multiple plants. The solutions of location of Ubisense will equip to Airbus with the vision of the operations, the processes of pursuit and assembly of components and the activities of planning in real time. The range of solutions for the manufacture of Ubisense includes Visible Industrialist Process, Process Tracker, Tool Tracker and Enterprise Browser. In addition, the solutions for the production of Ubisense have been used recently for Atlas system RTLS Copco, one of the great providers of tools.

Ubisense is the company specialized in RTLS of precision, leader in the United Kingdom, that carries out the pursuit of the precise location of assets, within the geoespacial sector in projects of any size. The company has been awarded recently with the Best British Inside Award, it has secured 8 place in Microsoft Tech Track 100 2009 of the Sunday Times, and appears between the twenty companies better than the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 by second consecutive year mentions. ” Very we are satisfied with which Airbus” has chosen us; , it affirmed Richard Green, President of Ubisense. ” The solutions of Ubisense are going to help to improve the vision and control in all facilities, being helped them in the decision making and the process of planning. Airbus recognized the necessity to adopt a system RFID with proven experience, that helped anywhere in the world to maintain its advantage and its process them of famous manufacture competitive “. Notes to publishers On Ubisense Ubisense is the leader world-wide in systems and consulting services on location of precision in real time, For the pursuit of people and assets with a matchless precision, contributing to the companies the possibility of seeing and of controlling processes that before were impossible to follow. With more than 400 clients anywhere in the world, Ubisense is revolutionizing the industry.

United Nations Conference

Hely Lopes Meirelles defined environmental law as that intended for the study of the principles and rules aimed at preventing the destruction or degradation of the elements of nature. According to Marcelo Dias Varella, doctorate in law from the University of Paris, is one of the main branches of law today, and one of the largest branches of this was, Norberto Bobbio called new rights. And continues: many interesting and modern themes can be framed in this optics, such as controlling access to genetic resources, the emission of genetically modified organisms in the environment, bioethics, the sustainable use of biodiversity, as a way of promoting rapid and secure national development, themes already envisaged in the Charter of 1988, consolidated by the United Nations Conference on environment and development (UNCED or Rio 92), and which exceed in much conceptions agree little more than ten years ago. Thus the protection of the environment can generate many monographs and TCC on ecology and the environmental law law is a diffuse, for the most part often transindividual right, and now also transgeracional.Spoken in first generation rights (individual, classical liberalism of the eighteenth century), second generation rights (collective and social constitutions of Mexico, 1917, and Weimar, 1919) and rights of third generacion(difusos, comprendiendo los derechos ambientales, deel consumidor y otros, a partir deel final de la decada de 70, siglo XX). According to the consumer defense code (law 8078/90, art.

81, single paragraph, subparagraph I) interests or diffuse rights are indivisible nature, that are held by persons connected by circumstances and indeterminate in fact transindividual,. Says Hugo Nigro Mazzilli: comprise less certain groups of people, among which inexiste legal bond or very precise fatico. They are as a set of individual interests, of people indeterminaveis, joined by neighboring points. The object of interest is indivisible. Thus, for example, the claim by half ambient higido, since shared by undetermined number of people, cannot be quantified or divided among the members of the community. Original author and source of the article.

Competitive Market

At present, including our engineering machinery and other domestic market products in China, the competition has reached a hot stage. However, in the process of severe competitive market competition (magnetic separator), how to control the risk? How far can an enterprise develop? The development strategy, development mode as well as the risk controlling all determine the future of an enterprise. The characteristics of the three necessary stages that an enterprise must go through: first, the stage of industrialization. When the stage of industrialization accumulate to a certain degree, it is bound to go through a scale stage, when it has gotten to a certain scale, considered as holding one of the best strategic positions in the country, then the enterprise is going to step out of the domestic market into the world. Therefore, it is a must to implement the globalization strategy. According to these three distinct development stages that enterprises face, the fixed thinking of risk management is not enough to cope with it. During the industrialization development stage, the risk appearing in an enterprise s development process is actually guided by the fiscal control.

Remove the feature at this stage is obvious, so in this process, it must not go wrong if the legal risks can be properly handled; after the enterprise developed into this stage, the risks increase, at this stage, it is important to be aware of the significance of how to control the development strategy, but the point is how to control it? We have no choice but to realize a comprehensive risk management for the enterprise, which underlines the financial control. At the stage, risk management and control basically lie in the construction scale of risk systematization, while at the stage of globalization, it must enter an overall management and control of the risk concept. Second, in the process of development, the development mode is presented by the development strategy. During the entire merger stuff, our merger bodies are different, the development history of the merger enterprises is different, and so are their backgrounds. In the process of merger, the development strategy plays a critical part. During the developing process, their ability to integrate the resources, ability to use or ability to match resources are of great vitality. Third, in the process of development, it is important to establish a risk-controlling culture, especially the inner one. We call it the soft environment for the development of an enterprise.