But the problem of this system of alliance is that some aggression of a country with the other was had, this would unchain a effect domin. Another one aggravation is the fact of the superiority that each country felt on the other, and which had to this all the powers found that this 4 war would be short. Another question importantssima is as that the European powers legitimized a possible conflict. This legitimacy was conquered through the one creation ' ' enemy externo' ' , and this enemy was not very difficult to obtain, we can catch the case of France and Germany in relation the German unification in 1871. In this conflict France lost for Germany the region of the Alacia and the Lorena that were sufficiently rich in coal and iron, substances cousins of extreme importance for the time (industrialization). Germany in ownership of all these resources, had its sped up growth, what it finished bothering the English. The mentioned systems of alliances above, consist basically in two: the Trplice Alliance and the Entente Cordiale. The first one was composed for the German Empire, Austrohungarian Empire and for Italy, and was part of the second alliance England and France.

The Entente had as main objective the containment of the German empire. Russia only came if to join with the Entente some which had time later to the interest to the French and English capitals that a good usefulness in the increase of Russian industrialization would have, however Russia also had other intentions, as of if approaching to the Balkans so that its support the Slavic populations that if opposed the Austrohungarian domination was facilitated 5. 3 BEGINNING OF the CONLFITO In this topic, will be explanado the causes of the deflagration of the conflict to the light of the research carried through for author Mrcia MOTTA. It initiates saying that what made with that the great war was declared, was the death of the heir of the Austrian throne that happened in Sarajevo, that is the capital of the Bsnia, that in turn was a province of the Austrohungarian empire.

Ukrainian System

In the market there are types of gas equipment relatively cheap boilers (Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian production) is not dependent on food elektroenergiey.Esli it comes to heating the home area of about 100-120 m2 (mean boiler requires a power of about 33 ), such an outdoor boiler, too, does not occupy much space in size. Accordingly, pay for the construction of a separate room under a pot (40 cm wide, 50cm high, 50cm deep) is not obyazatelno.Vpolne it can be placed in the kitchen. What type of heating is most effective in a private house? If talk about efficiency, then talk about price as installation of heating system, and subsequently its .Esli set aside for alternative energy sources, then realistically, will remain under scrutiny following options:-heating from a central heating system, various types of heating systems operating on electricity (electric floor heating, electric convectors, electric water boilers, installation of heaters in hot water heating systems), use of the boiler fuel oil (diesel, kerosene, fuel oil), use of solid fuel boilers (as a variant of a brick oven with a heat exchanger for the heating system) – just a furnace heating homes;-use boilers, liquefied gas;-use boilers fueled by natural gas. Approximately the arsenal of heating systems. Comparative analysis of the use of these heating systems will be presented in a separate state.Tezisno this article to the site to conclude the following: – electrical heating systems are often actively imposed as a 'cheap' means .Na verification of these of the road as the installation and during subsequent operation (payment for the amount of kilowatts of power).

Marrakech Oukaimeden

When we think of Marrakech we tend to think in a city in subtropical Africa, at the gates of the Sahara, where caravans of Berber dromedaries carry their goods to one of the most authentic souks of the world. But Marrakech also offers the opportunity to enjoy skiing in the High Atlas mountains, in ski resort of Oukaimeden, just 70 kilometers from the city. Oukaimeden is normally visited on day trips and offers all kinds of services and fun. Oukaimeden Oukaimeden was opened as a ski resort in 1936 by the French Alpine Club in Marrakech. It is located 3.272 meters above sea level and is the highest ski station in Africa and the best equipped of Morocco, as well as one of the most popular on the continent, with an annual average of 24,000 visitors each weekend during the high season. The snow season is quite variable and lasts an average of 120 days a year, from mid-December until mid-April, although there are many possibilities of find snow from January until late March or early April. Oukaimeden ski resort has a skiable relatively modest, about 300 hectares, but very interesting, since it includes 3 black runs, 8 red, 4 blue, 3 green.

In addition, many skiers recommend explore off-piste sites. The station also consists of the highest chairlift in Africa, 2,300 metres of altitude, as well as 6 lifts with capacity for more than 4000 skiers per hour. There are several projects underway to develop the station, as it is a plan to equip their tracks with artificial snow guns. Currently, the price to enter the station is 10 dirhams, the forfait for half day costs 30 dirhams and rental of material to residents should not cost more than 60 dirhams a day. How to get there there are no regular buses that lead to Oukaimeden ski resort, but you can arrange a taxi to go up there and go back to the city between 300 and 500 dirhams.

French Revolution

With being able almost absolute on the work and behavior rules, he exerted the local authority that if extended for very beyond the limits of the device. They had formed you the first elite economic politics and of the history of our country. Wealth is to be able, as Hobbes says. But the person that acquires or inherits a great richness not necessarily acquires or inherits, with this, any power politician, either civil or military. Possibly its richness can give the half ones to it to acquire these two to be able, but the simple ownership of the richness will not assure none to it of these two to be able. The power that the ownership of this richness assures to it, of immediate and direct form, is the purchase power; a certain command on all the work or all the product of the work that is then in the market. Its richness is bigger or lesser, accurately in the ratio of the extension of this power; that is, in accordance with the amount of other people’s work or & mdash; what &amp is the same thing; mdash; of the product of the other people’s work that this to be able it of the conditions to buy or to command.

The value of exchange of each thing will be always accurately equal to the extension of this power that this thing brings for its proprietor (the Economists, P. 384). The then scene, demanded a measure standard, that made possible the commercialization of the merchandises between the countries and from the French Revolution, in 1790, the General States 1 had decided for the creation of an only system of weights and measures. The idea was to easily establish a natural measure that could thus be found in the nature and, to be copied. It also had another requirement for this unit: it must have its established submltiplos according to system decimal.

One Temari

Kankuro:) – ninja from the village of Sand, Fighting with puppets. Gaara and Temari's brother. Nara Sikamaru) – One of the most intelligent, but lazy friends of the protagonist, a great strategist and plays well in Shogi. Like his father, uses techniques of shadow attacks, which is able to coerce the victim to repeat his motion. Rocky Ri:) – classic hero Eastern militants, hopelessly drying on Sakura. Believes that practicing hard, can defeat even the most talented opponents.

He – the genius of hard work. Very similar to his teacher, Mighty Guy. Rock Lee can not use nin-dzitsyu and therefore dedicated his life to fighting. But in the tie-dzitsyu now no one is superior. Temari (Temari Jap.) – older sister of Gaara and Kankuro (also from the village of Sand), uses in battle huge fan. (Jap. Tenten) – Ninja Girl of the squad and Rock Lee Nedzi, specializes in various kinds of missile weapons.

Calls on the arms with raznnobraznyh scrolls. Nedzi hyuga (Jap. Huh: Nedzi ha) – genius ninja, who was considered to examining the battle with Naruto the strongest among peers, using dodzyutsu Byakugan. Due to the fact that his father was the younger of two twin brothers, Nedzi can never become a major a warrior clan. Believes that man's fate sealed from birth, and no power to change one's predetermined. Hinata hyuga (Jap. Huh: n Hinata) – cousin Nedzi, very modest, and less gifted. Officially inheriting the post of head of the clan, secretly in love with Naruto.