Maracan King

But, in 70, perhaps four ' ' no-gols' ' of Skin they had been more sensational than the written down ones for the King. In the estria against the Tchecoslovquia, Skin perceives the goleiro Viktor in advance and orders a kick with the ball behind the line of the way of field. The goleiro runs despaired and sees the ball to pass rente to the left superior angle, the centimeters of the goal, going for is. In the second departure, against England, one of the games most difficult of the competition and that it finished 1×0, occurred as the lost goal of the King. Skin receives crossing and from the cabeada strong one, but the goleiro Banks of the one species of manchete of those of vlei, makes spectacular defense, that was considered ' ' defense of century XX' '. The others two gols not made by Skin, in that Pantry of 70, had been in the same departure, in the semifinal, and the adversary was nothing less than Uruguay, that in 50 had almost took off that one that it went to be the first Brazilian heading in Pantries, in game in a Maracan (RIO DE JANEIRO) crowded with 200 a thousand people.

But in 70, Skin advances for area, of the one dribbles of body in the goleiro Mazurkiewicz, recoups the ball and kicks crossed, with the same one passing rente the right bar, the zagueiro Ancheta tries in goes to take off the ball, that capriciously leaves for the line deep for moan of the King. In the same departure, the goleiro snake badly a goal shot and Skin strikes of first of is of the area. The kick is strong, but Mazurkiewicz if recoups with pretty defense. It is, for who not it saw gols that the King did not make for we in 70, valley the penalty to search and to confer.

Historical Camping

To only 6 km of the city of Mendoza, the Heras distinguishes by its mountain ranges and lomadas of low height. Member of the denominated conglomerate Great Mendoza, the fourth population unit of Argentina, the Heras offers a stroll to enjoy, and that cannot lack in the itinerary of good vacations in Mendoza. One is the military camp of the Plumerillo. Founded by General San Martin on 1815, the historical camping was since then soothes the future of training of army of The $andes. The same that in 1817 initiated the heroic deed that culminated with the triumph in the campaign of Chile. San Martin ordered that after the game of the army, in 1817, the camping would be dismantled and all the objects donated to the town.

In 1935, nevertheless, the abandoned areas had their right historical revaluation when being elevated in the old entrance of the camping a porch reminder. Today, the visitors can delight with an exact retort of that one camping that as much contributed to the freedom of the mother country. In year 1996 the ambitious plan began of reconstruction of the cabins of the soldiers, constructions of adobe with cane ceiling that, is considered, occupied 60 land pictures. In each of them retorts of the arms and the uniforms used by the Army of the $andes were placed. The entrance of this shutdown forced for the tourism in Mendoza two authentic guns of the Army of the $andes, arisen from the famous forge of the untiring Fray are observed Luis Beltrn. From 1935 to 1980, year in which they were transferred to the military grammar school that takes its name, the camping of the Plumerillo was the lodging in Mendoza of ashes of General Jernimo Mirror.

The chapel that is conserved in the estate is not either that one in which San Martin oa misa during its stay in Mendoza. One treats, nevertheless, of a faithful retort of the original one, that survived the game of the army but not to the 1861 earthquake. In the camping and the Sanmartiniano Museum of the estate attractive activities are organized, like the recreation of the game of the army, that takes place each 18 of January. Another data interesting for those who it spends its vacations in Mendoza: the last Sundays of every month showy dramatisations are realised than it was the training of the soldiers of San Martin, with uniforms and arms of time. To minutes of the center and the main hotels of capital Mendoza, a stroll not to lose itself.

The Balearic

In the feminine picture, the good one notifies carried out the Majorcan Nuria Llagostera, coming from the previous phase, that endorsed forceful a 6-0 and 6-2 to the premises Alize Cornet. The Balearic one, that until Roland Garros had not gained nor a party in any main picture in east circuit WTA year, will have a hard test before the Russian Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, fourteenth head of series. However, Maria Jose Martinez follows without finding the way to follow this year in beaten earth, in spite of to have won to Shahar Peer in first round, and allowed the Canadian Marine Rebecca to overcome to take the party by 2-6, 6-3 and 6-3. Federer took pelotazo On the other hand, Roger Federe Especially did not find rival in the French Texeira, to whom it surpassed by 6-3, 6-0 and 6-2 to be placed in the following phase. Texeira, special guest of the organization, 181 of the world, as soon as it inconvenienced to Swiss, although offered pelotazo to him in a closing, without bad intention. The French jumped to the decided track to become the player with ranking under more able to win to Federer in a Grand Slam, after the Croatian Mario Ancic, then 154 of the world would obtain, it in Wimbledon 2002, but fell thundered against in one hour and 24 minutes.

Federer will face the Serb Janko Tipsarevic now, who defeated to the Spanish Pere Riba by 6-1, 6-3 and 6-0. Djokovic overcomes to Hanescu the Serb Novak Djokovic, the best player of the moment, overcame to the Rumanian Victor Hanescu by 6-4, 6-1, 2-3 and abandonment by injury, to advance to the third round of Roland Garros, where he will carry out one of the duels more waited for against the Argentinean Juan Martin of the Colt. The Serb signed his consecutive victory 41, since he lost against Roger Federer in the semifinals of the Masters Glass of the year last in London, and so he already equals to the own Swiss player and the Swedish Bjorn Borg with that fourth better mark in history. Hanescu retired before the Serb due to problems in the left thigh, to the 89 minutes, and so Djokovic will arrive still more rested at the duel with From the Colt that overcame the Slovene Blaz Kavcic, by 6-3, 6-2 and 6-4. Source of the news: Ferrer, Federer and Djokovic do not suffer in Roland Garros and happen to the third round