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Jon Lee Anderson

It is a day of combat in Sierra Maestra. Ernesto Guevara is alone and flees to be discovered by guards of dictator Batista. That same night, the guerrilla recounts what happened in his campaign notebook and concludes: I felt something that I never felt: the need to survive. I’ll have to correct that next time. The episode appears in small books of notes that Che wrote during his stay in Sierra Maestra, which until now only reporter Jon Lee Anderson had had full access to write Che Guevara.

A revolutionary life, considered the best biography of the legendary revolutionary leader. Today, coinciding with the official celebration of the 83 anniversary of his birth – was actually born a month earlier, but his family falsified the date because it was conceived before the parents undertake marriage-, published for the first time in its entirety with the title of journal of a fighter. They are revealing, while much was already known through other texts. In them you can see how Ernesto Guevara became Che, explains Anderson by phone, celebrating the declassification of the Notepad. Source of the news:: “Che not considered true Arab revolts”

Burberry Handbag Burberry Scarves

Burberry is known around the quality of the number of collection of women s clothing, apparel and accessories. Discount Burberry Handbag Burberry Scarves are perfectly elegant in particular. The workmanship and attention to detail are the embodiment of Burberry. The invention of Categories Bestsellers the famous Burberry nova check pattern and creating a waterproof fabric called gabardine. Although many branded clothes may expensive side, allowing for conscious style accessory to accentuate any look. Now Burberry Handbags for sale you know how to recognize your original Burberry handbag, you can use your piece of Burberry online store.Create the classic design and Burberry Scarf Burberry for sale high quality was maintained until today by a strong image with their customers and made to live up to its brand image. Burberry Scarves like horizontal and vertical lines, the leather trim is always around the entire perimeter of the original Burberry Burberry Tote handbag. Burberry men offer comfort, better portability give you to view Burberry Wallet purse on sale that many casual stylish and practical. The materials and design patterns make it much easier for comfortable than the original setting.

International Monetary Fund

What really matters is to draw attention of Governments because collective, drastic action is needed and now. The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, with respect to the turbulence shaking ever more of the world was last night expressed this forcefully. In a table round organizadad with several media, among them the country, the leader of the Fund referred to the long-awaited economic recovery and the role of banks in the process. When we see the economic situation, there are two clear objectives: growth and employment. To grow credit is needed and for that the banks must have solid balance. We need banks that can finance growth and have a robust balance sheet. We are not pointing to anyone, he noted, without elaborate on his recent – and controversial-statements on the need to recapitalize the European banking. Source of the news:: Lagarde urgently calls for “collective” and “drastic” action

Salzburg Close

It is not easy to stay on top. Nor for the Salzburg Festival. The permanent need of reinvention is not, in the case of the great operatic event, only a relieved topic. Because in the summits tensions multiplied its destabilizing capacity. Despite memorable successes – it comes to mind Al gran sole carico d amore, of Luigi Nono, with the direction of Ingo Metzmacher-, no editing has fulfilled the desired artistic levels. The closest to perfection, so far this century, is surely the current, curiously with a director of transition, Markus Hinterhauser. Between two eras, the Jurgen Flimm and Alexander Pereira, it will take the baton for the next edition. Hinterhauser seal is perceived in the richness of the cultural atmosphere in the profusion of platforms for discussion, in the attention to the music of our time, in search of exhilarating associations without fear of risk. The case Makropulos, Leos Janacek’s opera, premiered on Wednesday, with ESA-Pekka Salonen and Cristoph Marthaler responsible for musical and scenic, respectively, is probably the most representative of this edition aesthetic triumph. The success was indescribable. Source of the news:: Salzburg close to perfection

Recognize Luxury Hotels

It is interesting before putting to speak to us than they are luxury hotels to define that it is really the luxury. According to the dictionary the luxury is everything what it exceeds the normal limits and it exceeds the necessary thing. Without doubt all we will not have the same parameters of luxury since one is based on our raising and to the context in which we lived. Even so, there is something in which we can agree. If one is luxury hotels it has to be synonymous of excellence. Excellence that happens through diverse points. On the one hand the service.

Known she is that the person who elije a luxurious hotel is not paying attention to scrimping expenses. It is of that type of people to whom the money does not interest to him. People who this customary one to certain treatment and that also she has certain exigencies. Like for example the cleaning. The luxurious hotels usually are immaculate places that very have personnel enabled to cause that all the corners of the same shine.

Something similar happens with the subject from the services to room. The cordiality and speed of the personnel at the time of solving the orders of the guests can mark difference. Another point is the food. A good one gastronomical proposal is vitally important and is for that reason that the main hotel chains count on their own chef exclusive which they make reality cooking desires of the tourists. He is that the guest is demanding and escencialmente is customary to be in similar sites. That causes that it is continuously comparing and if the hotel does not want to go out underprivileged in the comparison must be kind to all the details. Also the infrastructure is important. It is not enough with offering majestic rooms or sumptuous lobbies. At the moment the luxurious hotels are characterized to go a step forward. Enormous rooms of recreation that can include casinos, swimming pools, saunas, gymnasiums equipped with last technology, rooms of massage, spas, halls multimedia, press rooms, bars deprived with spectacles chords, golf courses and small commercial center. But this often is not enough, is why the luxury hotels offer services by outside the own building. Excursions that include strolls by historical sites or tourism venture can quickly be coordinated with the hotel personnel. In particular the luxury hotels cause that each money spent in them is worth the pain. What bond costs and the luxury is not the exception.