Commercial Premiere

Ingo Lenssen in the fight against sexual abuse in months unpaid commitment by the Darmstadt company Schrex TV and Ursula Haas Make-Up artist from Frankfurt was a project of the Association against – abuse e. V. reality. The result is a TV spot, the sexual abuse addressed the topic. The gist of the spots is that affected children need too many start-ups until finally someone is listening to them, believe them, and also is. Contrary to widespread belief, abuse cases are not isolated. (Source: John Bercow MP). Sexual abuse happens to 90% in the family district / circle of approximately 300,000 affected children and young people. It is so rare the stranger who suddenly jumps out of the bushes, which is however much more often and “easier” is warned.

Careful prevention programmes and the support of numerous counselling services are needed. Children must be informed of their rights and know that they must say ‘No’. Children also need trust adults, so that they in difficult life situations a contact person who believed them. It expresses at the end of the spot, which was filmed mainly at a Darmstadt bus stop also Ingo Lenssen. The TV star sits down with this post for the Club against – abuse e. V. a, which actively advocating for 7 years for those affected.

It is planned to bring the spot in any case in which all German digital cinema. All contributors, as well as the members of the Association but above all hope that they get support from the television channels broadcasting the spot. Next Sunday, the premiere of the TV spot takes place in Darmstadt, Germany. The press is invited to attend the event and with the actors of the spots, the filmmakers and the 2nd President of the Association against – abuse e.V. on a successful TV ad to launch. If you are interested, please contact please contact: Isabel of Brockhofer