Maracan King

But, in 70, perhaps four ' ' no-gols' ' of Skin they had been more sensational than the written down ones for the King. In the estria against the Tchecoslovquia, Skin perceives the goleiro Viktor in advance and orders a kick with the ball behind the line of the way of field. The goleiro runs despaired and sees the ball to pass rente to the left superior angle, the centimeters of the goal, going for is. In the second departure, against England, one of the games most difficult of the competition and that it finished 1×0, occurred as the lost goal of the King. Skin receives crossing and from the cabeada strong one, but the goleiro Banks of the one species of manchete of those of vlei, makes spectacular defense, that was considered ' ' defense of century XX' '. The others two gols not made by Skin, in that Pantry of 70, had been in the same departure, in the semifinal, and the adversary was nothing less than Uruguay, that in 50 had almost took off that one that it went to be the first Brazilian heading in Pantries, in game in a Maracan (RIO DE JANEIRO) crowded with 200 a thousand people.

But in 70, Skin advances for area, of the one dribbles of body in the goleiro Mazurkiewicz, recoups the ball and kicks crossed, with the same one passing rente the right bar, the zagueiro Ancheta tries in goes to take off the ball, that capriciously leaves for the line deep for moan of the King. In the same departure, the goleiro snake badly a goal shot and Skin strikes of first of is of the area. The kick is strong, but Mazurkiewicz if recoups with pretty defense. It is, for who not it saw gols that the King did not make for we in 70, valley the penalty to search and to confer.

Houaiss Dictionary

– Then what it would mean the term: reminiscncia? 1) remembered image of the past; what conserve in memory 2) 3 vacant or incomplete souvenir) signal or I break up myself that it remains of something extinct. With a little of good will it would give to professionalize this term or not? Another example? The Remake term? so profusamente used for the television channels, sabidamente those that are unconditional fans of the American culture? the same Wikipdia? it clarifies: Remake is the name of that comumente if of a new productions of films, seriados soap operas, games and others. Learn more at this site: Timepieces. Houaiss dictionary? it has a translation for this: To rewrite? meaning ‘ ‘ To become gravar’ ‘ – Why we do not use in them of this term? For pure preconception with the national things and for pure colonialismo. Or it would be – for professional mediocrity, or perhaps, for ignorance? there the same Wikipdia would have reason? we are ignorant of our identity, therefore, only therefore, if it justifies the loan of other cultures stops understanding in them as people, as nation. Credit: Jon S. Speelman-2011.

Finally, not to be tiring? I want to by the way register the term, horrible, Reinicializar? meaning ‘ ‘ to restore (situation, state or initial value of systems, devices, computers or 0 variable) ‘ ‘ , grafado in the Houaiss Dictionary? as estrangeirismo already duly, aportuguesado. There the biggest doubt appears, because then we continue to use ‘ ‘ reboot’ it will be for those same elencadas reasons above. The one that if to have a special care in the source where we look our culture, because depending on this or that source? we can be following a track that nor always is best? at least, for that they really desire to reach a professional freedom, or an identity of being free as people, or being part of an independent nation, as for example: France, England, the United States.