Antoinette Toni Avril Gardiner

Nostradamus did long before him with his arcane writing. Before both Ezequiel said it, and over the centuries not missed who saw the future of horror and death is coming. Those who thought that the prophecies were met with Hitler and say that after the Holocaust history became linear, are wrong. Yet did not the expected time.

The thirst for blood is boiling in the world. To be more precise, in the Islamic world. If the trouble does not de-escalate in Egypt, Hosni Mubarak will go to Germany for a medical checkup. Age allows it, the man has cancer. Their days are numbered by health or revolution. The excuse is appropriate so that it fails to return to Cairo. The next to follow suit may be Abdala II, King of Jordan. His father, King Hussein, suffered more than 12 attempted murders by Palestinian Muslim fanatics.

His grandfather Abdala I was assassinated in 1951 by a Palestinian while visiting the mosque of Al – Aqsah in Jerusalem. Abdullah I was a key piece in the fall of the Ottoman Empire, therefore, their descendants are not loved by their co-religionists POPs. The Jordan Hashemite family was never Muslim fundamentalist line. On the contrary, was allied British and as a result, natural enemy of the Palestinians. Abdullah II, Princess Muna al – Hussein, mother is English, daughter of a British officer. His birth name is Antoinette Toni Avril Gardiner. Abdullah II was educated in the United States and England. He married Rania to the Yassin, born in Kuwait. His parents are originally from Tulkarem, Arab city that was under Jordanian rule until it returned at the hands of Israel. For which this biographical story? Because without Mubarak in Egypt, without Ben Ali in Tunisia, without Hariri in Lebanon, who are moderate Muslims and Abdullah II that would be swept by the hordes of Hamas who obey to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Middle East will burn everywhere at the same time and bonfire Pierce borders and continents.