Central Westminster Hall

Unexpected getaway can lead us to wanting to know a tourist destination like London, which has a lot to see, and can leverage the time to get to all places in just three days. It takes advantage of the offers of cheap flights to know this mysterious city. You already commented how take advantage of the first day. Now you buckle your belt, come the next two days with a tour that will leave you breathless. With metro Brown line, can travel from the station Lamberth Nord to the Ferris wheel of the Millennium, London Eye, the highest in the world. Crossing the Thames, you will find Parliament Square. You can not visit the Parliament, but will meet Big Ben and you will get a well-deserved photo for eternity.

Down the same street, you’ll see the Tower of jewels where the permanent exhibition the Parliament: past and present. Up again along the same street and turning to the left, you will come to Westminster Abbey, an imposing Gothic church. Now it’s up down this street up to the Francis Street, where you will find the Cathedral of Westminster, seat of the Catholic Church in England and Wales. Back up the street and will pass the Central Westminster Hall, the Congress Centre, the Churchill Museum & Cabinet War Rooms and you can walk by the Downing Street, a typical London street, dende is the residence of the Prime Minister, who will guide you to Whitehall, a major thoroughfare of the city, where several official buildings are erected. Without realizing it, you’ve come to Trafalgar Square, in commemoration of the Church in such warlike race victory. In the surroundings of the square is one of the most important galleries in the world, the National Gallery, next to the Saint Martin Church in the Fields. Calle arriba, it is Somerset House, one of the buildings with more history of London.