Czech Republic

When submitting documents to the Magistrate your rights are withdrawn, and the period before issuing a driver's license sample the eu you will be issued a temporary certificate of which indicates when you pass the documents and when you get new rights. With this certificate you can ride the wheel of the car prior to issuance of the original human sample the eu. At the traffic police the Czech Republic to your claims will not be. When departure from the Czech Republic, countries that are not part of the European Union (eg Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and etc), you should apply the same magistrate and the right to exchange the sample at the old eu law, which are stored in the archive Magistrate. This procedure is obligatory, because for example, in Russia you can not move with the rights of the eu sample. You face trial and a fine of Russian traffic police. Incidentally, the service replacement driver's license in the Czech Republic enjoyed by many Koreans living in the neighboring countries of the European Union.

This is due to low cost and simplified procedure for obtaining formal rights model of the European Union Czech Republic. For example, in the neighboring country, Germany, this is not possible, and to learn, pass all tests and exams in Germany, the necessary costs equal to about 2000 Euros, and on-time exchange of rights takes approximately six months. No coincidence that many foreigners living in residence permit or permanent residence in the European Union, specifically prescribed in the Czech Republic to six months a residence permit (this is a necessary condition imposed by the police CR) get driving new law, which will be valid in all eu countries. Condition of residence in the Czech Republic at least 185 days does not commit you to reside in the territory of the Czech Republic (live at this time can and in the country where you work and live). For foreigners wishing to obtain a driver's license in the Czech Republic European Union need the following set of documents: 1.Original passport with a long-stay visa in one of the standard eu 2.Original driver's license photo 3.4 (3,5 X4, 5) 4.Dannye to fill the questionnaire in the Czech police for the registration of registration in Prague. 5.Anketa for citizens of European Union (the sample to the police for Foreigners Czech Republic). 6. Wiring is made at the time of registration of residence. Replacement of the rights of citizens not resident or residents of the eu is at the same location in Prague: Yugmanova, 32. We wish you good roads and pleasant stroll through the countries of the European Union.