European Community

Brand of potato chips Walwers (of British origin) studied the life cycle of your product and implemented a carbon footprint label. Each package of potatoes has the following image: the image can visualize it entering directly to blog beyond the environmental discourse but this situation is not just a fad, the European Community has a number of rather demanding commitments to reduce their GHG emissions (see opportunities and challenges for Latin America climate change), so it should be analyzedcontrol and reduce all CO2 emissions, to meet its objectives. In addition to the above, this topic is translated into costs. The Office for the OCC climate change of the United Kingdom, through a broad and robust study study called the Stern report, calculated that every tonne of CO2 emitted, causes damage estimated at U$ 85, which if they are not assumed by the manufacturer or service provider, should be borne by the country that acquired it. At this point, environmentalism and good intentions are converted into money, a subject difficult to evade. To this we must add that this isn’t the only eco-label which is being are deploying is the step to follow? Returning to the initial topic, that is so deep, as complex, my main intention, was to give them a small mouth opener of trends that frame our new target market (which moves approximately U$ 1.