European Economic Union

Economic and social globalization has hurt businesses that close and provide increasingly less work. It would seem that Latin America doomed to failure due to the lack of creation of national industries because no political or economic strategies which exist almost always are poor and inefficient. Additionally schedules are generally short term and to grow a country there has to be a change in small and medium-sized enterprises, since they are responsible for generating employment constituting a significant percentage in the GDP Natural resources that Latin America has not you use them properly, I mean to be able to possess comparative advantages, since this is what generates competitiveness in a nation from that.These resources are very rich in terms of competitiveness at the national level unfortunately not so in practice so we can warn a major failure in Latin America of real capitalism, leaving aside the Cuba case, with its blocked socialism, Spanish-speaking countries have not dared to insinuate still an alternative to capitalism with respect to the U.S.even before the fall of the Berlin wall the American capitalism continues and will continue to be a global branding. Argentina and the FTAA: the question here is would we be members of FTAA?. The answer is no.United States not only looks at the point of view of economic but also of power and hegemony. This agreement has much similarity with the NAFTA Treaty since it seems to be just an extension of the same.A disadvantage that has Argentina as Brazil is that there are articles that are not related to this Treaty with the trade itself, as it is:? The capital flow control? Law of intellectual property? The standards that have to do with working conditions. Bump this mainly because United States, under its imperialist mentality, not have to say that labor standards will have to boost Latinoamerica.