Greetings, I tell them I was in the exhibition: “LA FIN DU DESIGN” in the Colombo-French Alliance (Head Boy: Cra 7 84 to 72), which is available from 22 April 2009. Translation: The end of the design (to finalize, finish, not objective or goal). In it we see: What will happen to traffic in Bogota For this item, show: “The Guardian” a device that records and sends traffic offenses for which many citizens can report offenders, high technology that uses GPS to indicate place and all the data needed to subpoena. How will advertising in 2030 We see the REVE, a device that sends signals to the brain directly, issuing publicity during sleep in public transport systems. What will happen to the buildings in the future We facades of buildings with vegetation, which perform functions such as maintaining a comfortable temperature to avoid heating costs. What our battery powered electronic devices By extracting energy pots producing plants in their natural processes, store and allow us to recharge our batteries for low power devices, so we’ll only cost of energy to nurturing a plant naturally. What will the chocolate with cloves and cinnamon We present a family-size chocolate and other personnel, who in a mill, with which we can remove the accessory of the kitchen. The ingredients to cook like a professional chef We will have miniature gardens where we grow many vegetables without preservatives or chemical preservatives that affect our health will be reaped only in our kitchen and prepare them immediately. What will your pet in 20 years A toy for adults that can be programmed with different personalities according to the wishes of the user, this combination of elements unique outcomes, the doll can be molded, giving the appearance, color and so we physically. Is the Internet available to all the senses Using a rug can feel what we see on the Internet such as physical if a printer does basic mixtures of different scents so we can smell what we seek in the network, this can also combine flavors that allow us to test also. In order to tell them that the exhibition is very interesting, by all means should try to see it personally as it is a clear sign of the global design trend … So we see things like: TO DESIGN: – We must understand the whole and not just concentrate on their parts. – Designers are required to be able to ethnographers, engineers and even shamans. – Products must be 100 positive for the environment and the media in general, Dominica without chemical products, trying to eliminate as many instances that harms others, not intoxicated, pollutions or contaminated in any way. – Products and systems that tap renewable sources of energy 100 renewable. – Sell high and return the money when you return the waste, is the cyclical strategy that allows all that genre back to me so that you can reprocess, if you do not, I’ll have the capital available to recover the environment. – The design is an art not to reason, but a service to enjoy. – We must allow the user to customize the design project – Prosumer. – The designer is a promoter: Promoter of business, ideas and opportunities. – The designer does not create objects, develops products that provide tangible and intangible services.”Proservice” – tangible and intangible assets that are configured to provide a complete service. – Art is Design: The artist expresses no matter what others share, the Designer should contribute in solving the individual’s wishes, with profound respect for the environment, the Designer is humble and knows he is not an inventor but configurator ideas, it really is a designer and as such it converges with the artist at one point that touching is no longer to become the other.