Information Energy

Without going any further, if we put a radio or TV in a room, and the We tune, we’ll see or hear a programme. Information, waves that transmit it are around us, everywhere. However, we do not we can capture them. We are not prepared to do so. And there, they are there, they are part of the environment. The same applies to the touch.

We know that atoms are virtually empty. If the nucleus of an atom is like a soccer ball, the electrons revolve around 30 kilometers of distance. More than 99% of what we call matter, is empty. However, we perceive and interpret the vibratory energy of atoms as solidity. That vibrating energy is that creates objects, not a matter which does not exist. All what we consider reality, is not merely an illusion formed in the brain.

Literally, it is a hologram which we create within ourselves. Outside is all the energy of the universe, but we are limited to capturing a microscopic portion. Let’s recap. Our brain is a machine in which the information that receives generated worldwide. This machine is driven by its user. And here lies everything. The mind, what we think, can be addressed or can be induced to behave in a certain way in an unconscious way. Without that we have real control over it. A whole series of neural mechanisms shapes our way of acting. Understanding how they work, which are its norms and rules, will allow us to direct our life in the direction you want. Control our mind, and consequently our life, or let us drag by the current. It all begins in the mind. In the same way that we believe that the world is as the senses interpret it, and we know that you there’s much more, we also assume that life, as we think it is the same. And we must realise that it is because we have learned to believe that it is the case. But there are ways to change our way of thinking to improve our lives. Yes. At the moment leave it here. That man, lives not only bread but also ran rataplam chin pum. In other words, what exit to bask awhile. To be good until you drop.