Madrid Love

"Because I d like to live here? – Mabel repeated" Do not be offended please, "he told his parents Polat, look looking foward to both fixed and alternately in the eye. "They have a magnificent country. Your Economy is booming. Civil rights are excellent. As I am told, probably the social benefits, especially for old age are better than those in Espaa a, but as entirely ignorant of which are from there, I have no way to make a parang n real.

But I d like you to understand that I have a way of life completely different from you. In principle, I do not like dinner at 6 pm. I do not like that life is almost over at that time. Except in London, here it seems that, after s of that time, sinks into a dream or deep, where any public noise is heard, except the algae n car and I guess we all agree that there is almost no work traffic. It gives me sensation that the world stops until the next day, lethargic NDOS.

And we agree that if decided branches will come to England to be next to you and not to go to London. In Madrid, the hustle never sleeps. And I love that. I love finding people on the street at any time .- He continued – I do not like the coldness with which many people have treated me to discover that was not English.