Old Coffee

The Old Coffee BOTILLERIAS Pombo was located near the Puerta del Sol, not knowing the date of its opening, some authors set their inauguration in the early nineteenth century. Located in the street carts, street libraries and orthopedic shops. It is very possible that it was a liquor would change gradually under the influence of fashion, in a cafe. In 1928 he quotes the wine shop in a study of the taverns of Madrid. Authors of the late nineteenth century to mention the oldest wine shop in Madrid together with Canosa. It seems it was a modest local famed for its meringue milk and rice straw (served from Corpus Christi celebrations ). The coffee was the uneven ground and some rice dishes made with produce diarrhea, so that was dubbed gracefully in Madrid as “coffee of wimps.” The place was dark and long standing, when in 1912 writer Ramon Gomez de la Serna he opened his literary gathering on Saturday night.With the permission of Edward Lamela. The gathering was called “Sacred Pombo crypt and meet some of the intellectuals (young promises) of thetime. Ramon said he chose this coffee “for being an anachronism.” The choice was odd, especially when the local time there were other more elegant and flowery. The meeting was being held Saturday night and stayed until the one in the morning. The reunions were keeping it until 1937, when they were interrupted. After the war he became a rather seedy and spineless of Madrid at night, prostitutes from the nearby Caf de Zaragoza (Madrid humor that called coffee of syphilis) gave a very different aspect than it had in the twenties. The bottling plant was finally closed in 1942 and a fur shop the sustiyuy .