PAL Dragos: The Future Of The Energy Of The Human Body

The environmental symptom trap energy crisis and energy transition we read every day in the news about the energy crisis and the green”nuclear power plans. Most commonly the question is posed in the cost. But hardly anyone asks the question, what does that have to do the crisis with the human body. The energy crisis can be recognized easier in the outside world. We have to keep in mind but also the energy crisis of the human body, which can no longer be suppressed on a diversity of functional errors up to the State of exhaustion or the burn-out syndrome in the long run. In the outside world, we deal with the various forms of physical energy sources.

The biological energy sources are though other nature, however, these are not entirely independent of physics. It is a naive hope to solve the energy crisis, without at the same time to address the biological problems of energy (life force) in the outside world. The case of symptom is the result of a strategy that by eliminating a symptom to the problem resolve attempts. This leads to the ecological”symptom case. To eliminate only the nuclear power still heals not today failed dealing with nature. Holistic strategies enable a new cohabitation of humans with nature is required here. No question is that the latter also in medicine could cost much money. But not the money but the heart thinking in postmodernism is the main obstacle to a new relationship with nature. “” On the subject of the holistic relationship to nature see also by the author: holistic cancer therapy “, Norderstedt, 2008 or the future of homeopathy – the body-philosophical approach”, Norderstedt, 2007 free excerpts: hyperlink