Prohibit Manifestations

EUROPE PRESS already made clear Therefore it in a 2008 sentence. This the fundamental relief of the meeting right remembers. It establishes that only when reasons founded on the electoral character of a manifestation are contributed, it will be possible to be prohibited. The Provincial Meeting prohibited the manifestation of day 18 in Madrid. LIST: The best mottos VIDEOS of the mobilizations. The doctrine of the Constitutional Court establishes that only a manifestation can be prohibited during an electoral process alleging its incidence in the same in the cases in that is " reasons fundadas" of which its purpose is " the pick up of sufragios" and it has not been summoned by parties, bunds or groupings, unique legal people who can campaign electoral. Otherwise, it warns, " we could arrive at the absurd one from which during the electoral campaign absolutely all the were prohibited manifestaciones". This he is one of the arguments that took to the high court to admit the resource of shelter presented/displayed by a union of Mossos de' Esquadra to which the Catalan Autonomous Government it prevented to pronounce itself in 2006 to protest by his " precarious conditions laborales" in a date that agreed with the campaign of the elections to the electoral Parliament of that year, decision that was confirmed by the Court Superior of Justice of Catalonia. The sentence of the Constitutionalist, on the 15 of December of 2008, begins remembering " relief fundamental" of the meeting right, since " for many social groups it is, actually, one of the few means of which they arrange to be able to express publicly his ideas and reivindicaciones" and it stresses that, although it has limits – the alteration of the public order and the collision with other fundamental rights, could only be restricted when they exist " reasons fundadas" of which these limits are not going to be respected.