Capital Mendoza

The city of Mendoza is much more that a departure point to visit warehouses or to scale mountains. And nobody must let it without have dedicated at least behind schedule to explore its corners, surprises and turns. To integrate itself to a City Tour that guides by main the center of interest of the attractive city cuyana is simple: in the main hotels in capital Mendoza they will know to advise to us on the best options to cross it without losing nothing to us. To comprise of a City Tour that guides by main the center of interest of the attractive city cuyana is very easy: in the main hotels in capital Mendoza they will advise to us on the best options to cross it without losing nothing to us. The most complete strolls by the city usually begin crossing their original area.

The Pedro place of the Castle, baptized in honor to the founder of Mendoza, nuclea to his around most of the historical buildings of the zone. There are the Franciscan Ruins, memory of which outside the Cathedral of the city until its destruction during the devastating earthquake of 1861. To visit it is to move magically to another time, when the province and the mother country everything began little by little to grow and to forge their identity. To the other side of place is located Museum of Area original, that guards in its interior rest of some of the constructions around which it turned, in other times, the life in the city: the old town hall, the slaughter house and the underground camera whose sources provided with water the population of the capital. Thence, the excursions go generally towards the General Park San Martin, one of the present centers of the life in the city. By the way, it is worth the pain to observe the small details that make of Mendoza a city that outside planned to face the earth tremors successfully: the abundance of places, the unusual width of the paths and the particular distribution of the avenues.

In the Park San Martin, the temperature is in average 4 degrees smaller than in the rest of the capital, from which it is the place preferred by his inhabitants for the practice of sports, the strolls in family or, simply, it stops to refresh in the suffocating nights of summer, a typically mendocino ritual that usually extends until high hours of the dawn. The Hill of the Gloria, with its 960 mts of height, guards the park. In their top, the imposing Monument to the Army of the $andes and the less imposing panoramic view of the city do not crown City tour. Another imperdible experience of the tourism in Mendoza.


Many will have listened to speak sometimes of agility, seen as a sport for capable dogs that draw for obstacles and that demonstrate to physical qualities and an answer to the exemplary training. And it is that this discipline, nowadays considered everything a sport with its matches, events and a great amount of followers, was born like an educative game. And although we do not consider that our dog does agility at competitive level or of exhibition we can use, it like basic activity that fulfills two aspects fundamental: in order to also train and to educate and like physical exercise for the dog. As it commented agility were born like an educative game in a canine exhibition in London at the end of years 70, but nowadays extended his popularity and it is not difficult to see in a park dogs jumping, running and enjoying next to his masters, crossing and surpassing obstacles. It is a basic game, inspired by the equestrian one, but adapted the dog and with which we can be useful to train them at the same time as to amuse themselves and to make exercise together.

Although competitive level or of exhibition we see that they exist a type of obstacles designed for agility, with a little imagination and good spirit we can mount our own circuit of obstacles in the park, a garden or even, if our dog is small and we have to sufficient we can do it space in house. By all means, as all educative game requires of much patience and is dogs that demonstrate to more interest than others, but with certainty we can obtain that our dog secures agility, makes exercise, learns to follow our indications and, by all means, to share awhile with us of very comforting game. Can practice agility all the dogs? As we indicated, one is to raise a circuit of obstacles that the dog will have to draw for following the way that we indicate and we teach to him, so we will use visual signals, palms so that we guide to him and the dog is learning the route.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom, is the European leader in hotel development the United Kingdom is located as a leader in the development of hotels in the European market. This is known by means of a global study by Deloitte. 120.251 Rooms that are under construction in 718 hotels on the continent, 14.061 found in United Kingdom (12% of the total). The dish of London be held in the Olympic 2012 Games, perhaps this explains the reasons for this trend. Russia moves behind the British with 7,477 rooms in development, followed by Germany with 5.402, Turkey with 4.556, and finally Sweden with 3,086. In the listing by region, ranked first place Asia Pacific, with a 63.9% occupancy and an average price of $ 147 per room. Behind is the Middle East and Africa region.

America is in last place after Europe, with an average of 46.3% occupancy and an average price per room from $ 100 per night. This study was conducted in December 2010. Deloitte carried out this study from the daily monitoring of more than 420 companies in 140 countries. Through this database, it is possible to analyze a report of the most important Hotel performance in the world. London, also has cheap hotels, so that travellers are not left without visiting this magnificent city.