New ECommerce Guide

The expanded and updated edition of the E-Commerce Guide is now available at. To find answers to the most important questions around to provide e-commerce, has a consortium of leading solution providers from the online industry and the research and consultancy Institute joined forces two years ago ibi research at the University of Regensburg. Now, the Consortium has the new, free, 316 pages strong E-book E-Commerce Guide of successful e-commerce \”. Together with the solution providers of atriga, ConCardis, creditPass, etracker, EURO-PRO, Hermes Logistik Gruppe, mpass, Saferpay and xt: Commerce has significantly developed the E-Commerce Guide ibi research. While the focus of the first edition of the Guide (shop systems, legal issues, payment processing, risk and claims management) were updated and greatly expanded. The talks have shown us with online retailers and experts, that especially mobile payment, prevention of non-payment and important topics include identifying unknown hold debtors. Here we have added the Leitfadeninhalte and revised\”, Prof. Dr.

Dieter Bartmann explains by ibi research at the University of Regensburg, whose team has developed the E-Commerce Guide leading.\” \”There was an essential complement to more also in chapter business without frontiers abroad sell\”. The new guide euro is entered now in more detail on the single payments area (SEPA) and the resulting benefits and challenges for online retailers. In addition to these extensions, recorded also two completely new chapters in the Guide. One deals with the question of how using of Web-controlling the user-friendliness of the Web shop and the efficiency of marketing expenditure can be improved systematically. The other shows how through innovative ways of shipment processing costs and value create for the customer. Can the new E-book, as well as more in-depth information about the content of the Guide on the Guide Web page be obtained. Interested retailers also find more free offerings, such as topic-specific newsletters by ibi research or complete results of different studies.