27-3-08 Euthanasia. Why Governments (the lowercase is not lack of spelling) of the States of this world compel us to push us to the path of the train, or from the roof of a skyscraper or to shoot us with an illegal gun?. Why prevent us the exercise of our legitimate right to remove us from this world?. These days is news, according to the press (not necessarily involve the previous qualification) that a French lady who wanted his own death had to consume barbiturates illegally to accomplish his will. The persecution of the delinquent supplier of deadly medicine opens. For me, it is demeaning hunting. Every person, every human being, is master of its destiny. Respect who thinks otherwise and believes in an all-powerful God that governs their will.

But I don’t share that belief nor many other people living in this world. Therefore, also respect my / our right to decide about the way that our lives should be followed. And if anyone can be legally lawyer, medical or mechanic must also be able to determine the day on which you want to die. The hypocrisy ruler will be within a few years with a serious dilemma: we will live many years, but it will be necessary to suppress many so that can survive the few (or many) that arise.