A/C Professional Services

Cleaning the filters during the summer season, preferably once a month to clean filters indoor unit. To do this, carefully remove the front panel of the air conditioner, remove and rinse under running tap water filters (one of a few layers of fine grid). Regular cleaning of filters protects air conditioner radiator from overheating, and your lungs from getting into dust and germs. Clean filters can be independently, but the implementation of other preventive measures are best left to professionals. Professional Services Professional Services conditioner air conditioner – a complex of measures and procedures for finding and troubleshooting air conditioning system is carried out at least 1 times a year (before the summer season). The cost of "inspection" of a domestic air conditioner in the range 1500-3000 rubles, depending on the region and pricing policies of the company performing maintenance. Typically, this Fee includes the following mandatory procedures: washing of the outdoor unit from dust, insects, buds and leaves of trees is carried out with professional equipment using special detergents solutions, cleaning filters of the indoor unit from dust, pressure measurements and refrigerant charge. After several years of operation, number of freon in air conditioner is greatly reduced.

This happens even at the qualitative installation, because this gas is very volatile, and it inevitably seeps through the connection tubes. If the concentration of Freon will fall below an acceptable level, it can damage the compressor and compressor repair – half cost of a new air conditioner. When servicing the air conditioner experts measure the amount of remaining refrigerant and, if necessary, fill with air conditioning. Refilling of 1 kg of refrigerant in the average cost 1500 2000rub; testing temperature to evaluate whether the microclimate in the premises of the temperature, which is exposed on the air conditioner with a derating factor, measuring performance network necessary in order to ensure smooth operation of the air conditioner, washing the drainage system. Timely repair in case of strange "symptoms" Do not wait until the conditioner completely fails. Immediately contact the repair company specialized in cases when: air-conditioning became less cool / heat, when the air conditioner can be heard strange noises, the condensate from the air conditioner is not displayed outside, and drips into the room air conditioner "buggy" (settings are jumbled up, does not work the remote control, etc.) Regular maintenance is required every air conditioner. And suppose it's a little cumbersome for your wallet, but it is still cheaper than the expensive repairs or buying a new air conditioner.