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Actually thinks more than anyone at least occasionally in to second to switch providers, revealed a survey of 1,500 private electricity customers by YouGov Psychonomics. “Many companies are attempting to counteract the increased willingness to change for example with sponsorship and customer magazines. While many expensive services have only a very limited impact on customer loyalty”, so Baloushi. A personalised and targeted response promise more success. To do this it is important but first of all to identify who are the swing votes and what specific value they have for the company. Dragnet: who are the shaky candidates? Powerful systems for customer and account management include automatic and constantly updated estimates of individual exchange risk by customers. This must be first of all observed migrating customers and collect their data.

By means of statistical and mathematical methods can be then, what connects these disaffected customers and how much various customer characteristics Suggest a willingness to change. The knowledge thus obtained allow the standardized analysis of individual migration risk of for existing customers. The automated forecast regarding the likelihood of change is based on variables such as the length of the relationship, the level of consumption, as well as the number and type of complaints. Who are the Cashcows customer rating? The individual address of customers should be of course as efficiently as possible. It is therefore not only an assessment of the individual change readiness, but also a standardized classification of customers in different levels of value. Finally corporate resources will not allow usually to take care of all uncertain customers with the same effort.

Factors that should be included in such a customer rating, are about the development of consumption over several years, the frequency and type of payment irregularities and the duration of the customer relationship. Individually respond to customer as soon as the analysis of the customer value and the individual risk of change is implemented, the company can design much developing customer loyalty campaigns and perform. It uses highly efficient resources, target the most valuable exchange willing customers to woo and to move to stay. “Power suppliers can selectively make customers who are dissatisfied with the prices, special offers, including free energy saving light bulbs save money help them” GBZM CEO Baloushi stimulates. “This is much more effective than measures doled to invest in, such as in a magazine.” Customer data make it fully usable waste however would be to insert the analysis to the customer value and the probability of change only for campaigns. To comprehensively use the findings, all customer service representative should have immediately the appropriate classifications on the screen when you edit a customer request. The customer value, the risk of brain drain as well as appropriate rules and instructions should therefore be in the system for customer and Account management will be integrated. So each customer service representative at a glance to determine to whom it is worth fighting. About GBZM: GBZM designed tailor-made and modular solutions as IT service providers to manage customer relationships effectively and to use. Our services include customer loyalty systems, payment processing, software development, data quality management, and consulting. Our clients are companies, clubs and associations of almost of all sizes and industries who want to make more out of their personalized customer information. Press contact: Bianca Pagel Tel: + 49 (0) 40 / 3596 663 80 fax: + 49 (0) 40 / 3596 663 77 GBZM marketing and billing systems GmbH, Holstenhofweg 47 b 22043 Hamburg visit you the GBZM blog!