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One of the most unpleasant aesthetic consequences that occur with sudden weight changes is the appearance of scars on the skin commonly known as Striae, which appear when the elastic fibers of the more superficial layers of the skin are broken. Our skin has an amazing ability to stretch out and collapsed. Elastin and collagen give flexibility and elasticity and that when we raise or lower weight skin accommodate new bodily forms very quickly, but in that process many elastic fibers are irreparably damaged. When this happens they begin to become visible a few small marks which, at the end of heal, will be indelible. It is important to prevent its occurrence taking care of skin and body weight. Stretch marks are located mainly in the abdomen, thighs, breasts and arms, places that are more prone to sudden stretching, and are no different from other scars. Initially they are red, very fine and soft coloration.

While physicians ensure that stretch marks cannot be removed, During this first stage treatments that fly them imperceptible may apply. In addition to the application of moisturizing and nourishing creams, it is important to control power and exercise often. By following these steps your skin becomes more elastic and healthy, and the scars will pass unnoticed. If not it handles them is when they are born likely emergence of new brands. Over time, stretch marks take a whitish coloration, which means that the layers of skin have already healed and there is no possibility of treating them. A bleaching cream that will match the color of the area can be applied to disguise them.

Surgery is the only alternative that completely erase stretch marks, whether they are old or new, through the Elimination of the superficial layers of the skin and exposing a new coating is not damaged. However, not in all cases it is necessary to resort to these processes. If after have undergone gastric bypass and have thinned a lot of kilos you feels dissatisfied with the way in which they wear these scars on your body, consult your doctor about the best treatment. Greetings, Hector Bernal original author and source of the article.

United Kingdom

EUR euro advances against the pound yesterday, the euro advanced strongly against the pound, since Euro zone decreased by 25 points interest rates taking them to 1%. It is the lowest rate recorded in the history of the Euro zone. The euro was driven, above all, because investors now believe that Jean Claude Trichet will continue to show flexibility within the ECB. In addition, the euro added points by the publication of the German Factory Orders on Thursday. These two factors allowed the euro to advance throughout the day.The euro ended rising in 120 pips against the pound, and closed at 0.8908. Above all, by trimming interest rates implemented by the ECB. On the other hand, some investors have doubts about the financial capacity within the United Kingdom. The euro recorded gains of up to 65 pips against the dollar and closed at 1.3362.

This happened since economic publications were disappointing in the United States, also the result of the Bank Stress was not the best. Against the yen, the euro advanced 170 pips, given that the investor confidence returned to the Zona.Para Euro today is expected from both the United Kingdom and the Euro zone publications. The balance of trade, and the figures for industrial production at 10.00 GMT be published in Germany. In the United Kingdom, on the other hand, will be published the PPI Input and PPI Output at 8: 30 GMT. These indicators will determine the level of variation both the euro and the pound throughout the day. JPY the yen gave against the majority of currencies on Thursday, the yen, it ended up ceding ground against most currencies. However, the main causes of this phenomenon were virtually outside factors. The yen suffered with force outside events. The yen investors are closely monitoring the possibility of a global economic recovery.The yen fell in 80 pips against the dollar and closed at 99.20, recording losses for a second consecutive day against the dollar.