See Feeding

So the young mother should be patient and always feed your baby sluggish for so long and so often as it would require himself. It is very important that little sucking as much as he wants. Because only the end he comes to the rich and nourishing and useful later, or rear, and milk. Without him, the kid does not get enough fat and may feel hungry. By the way, in order not to deprive a child of this useful "dish", doctors advise mothers to feed the baby every time only one breast. True, if milk is not particularly large, you can give child and both glands in turn, but so that feeding it to an end one of them from which to start.

To make sure that your child really have enough breast milk, enough to watch his weight. It is normally must gain at least 125 grams a week and a half to 1 kg every month. If the gain is less, before the finish feeding the baby with artificial mixtures, it is necessary to understand whether he is not sick. Mom will be able to dispel doubts about a doctor. He See the child, and if he finds that his health is all right, mama it is worth considering whether she feeds her crumbs.

Perhaps the kid gets his chest less often than he should – because the first few months he should have at least 5-6 times a day (usually babies eat more often: newborn – from 8 to 12 times a day for 20-30 minutes, and by the end of the first month of feeding frequency is reduced to 7-8). Cause of the problem may be that while feeding the child too warmly dressed. Because of this, he goes to sleep, unable to get enough, and soon wakes up crying, because he was hungry. By the way, and for the baby and for moms better that during feeding they touch the skin (it increases lactation and children disease retreat), so that the baby is left naked in a diaper or undershirts, covered with a blanket for warmth.