The Main

' ' For the intent reader (…) the man of the subsoil offers more than what the shady negation of the project of the Iluminismo. The main contradiction, that one that worries the man of the subsoil and is the source of its impious and paralisante dialectic, says respect to liberdade' '. (HIBBS, 2003 p.183). What we will make then of these millions of facts that certify the men, having even so perfect conscience of its interest, they relegate it as the plain one and they enveredam for a different, total full way of risks of acasos? They are not, however, forced to this; but it seems that they necessarily want to prevent the road that if it indicated to them, to trace freely, capriciously, one reconhecvel, badly obscure other, full of difficulties, absurd. It is that this freedom possesss its eyes more attractive than its proper interests? The interest! What is the interest? It pledge themselves in me to define with all the exactness where consist the interest of the man? That you will say you if a beautiful day if comes to discover that the human interest, in certain cases, it can or same it must consist of desiring not an advantage, but one badly? If it is thus, if this in case that if it can present, then everything pulls down.

What you think of this? Such in case that it can be presented? (DOSTOIVSKI, 2000) With license! We go explaining in them; it is not with games of words that if can clarify the question. What it makes the singularity of this thing, this interest, is that it destroys all our classifications and modifies all the systems built for the friends of the human sort for the happiness of the man. In a word, it is a embarrassment, an obstacle. But, before you pointing this thing, I want to commit itself personally, and I affirm then with altivez that all these beautiful systems, that all these theories that intend to explain the humanity where that they consist its normal interests, so that it if virtuous and soon noble lathe in its effort to reach said interests, declare that everything this does not pass of logistic.