Discover Why Weight Loss Diets Are More Effective In Group

When we have decided to lose weight one of the first steps is seeking professional help, among them groups of support, the nutritionist, either follow a system of commercial thinning, but which is more effective? As well, a recent survey in England, made a comparison of the weight lost among men and women with overweight and obese thing which were enrolled in programs of weight loss in the last 12 weeks or in primary care programs (based on groups of dietetics, personal advice), the result was that weight loss programs were more effective and less expensive than primary health care driven by personnel specially trained. But that makes these programmes more effective? The study suggests that a control program based on a support group 12 weeks weight can take in one year term to a loss weight increased and sustainable. One of the benefits of belonging to one of these programs is the possibility to participate along with others who own the same objectives in collective activities, which allows sharing of experiences and the progress each has made in your own weight loss plan, encouraging each one of the participants to stay in the program and contributing this to achieve their goals. Although the support on their group only not the effect achieved necessary, doing so when each participant of the support group is carrying out the same weight loss program. Perhaps the least effective is that program led by a qualified based on a personal treatment, where only visits the patient and nutrition Advisor.

The study also found an increase in physical activity in all groups, however, in those control programs based on personal advisers or nutritionists the increase was small. So that if you’re thinking in visit to the nutritionist, perhaps a good choice analyze a support group-based weight control program and that lasts at least 12 weeks that is close to your community. Or perhaps you can meet at a point of meeting either virtual or in your city with people that they are taking the same program of weight loss, and share your experiences and progress in common activities and lead a more active life level, possibly this take you to get better results with your diet program. If you are interested in more information on pills to lose weight please visit our link informing you of effective methods for weight loss. We recommend you read the next topic which is very intersante diet Mediterranean diet.