Duke University

It dread many prior to the performance, gray hair to get now researchers have the mystery solved who does not know that, to stand before the mirror and at once completely unprepared, you can see a first gray hair. Usually it too takes long afterwards, until the gray coloring then spreads on the head. Unfortunately only a few of them about this development forward. But how come the grey hair? About I let me grow any grey hairs”. Through such sayings, it is clear that many stress as the cause of the colour on the head saw.

Is that true? Scientists have examined the relationship between stress and gray hair. When you must discover the first grey hair at the sight of the own mirror image, is first of all depend on the genes. The stock of pigment stem cells is how big and how well the cells against oxidative stress can protect themselves, is stored in the genetic material. Oxidative stress can be due to external factors such as nutritional deficiencies, physical stress, psychological stress, ultraviolet rays, environmental toxins. Drugs, injuries, or smoking are raised.

If the hair gray turns, too many aggressive molecules in the skin have accumulated, which damage the genetic material. Thus not only the aging process, but also stress is a cause for the grays, a team of Japanese scientists has found out (cell, vol. 137, pp. 1088, 2009). The pigment cells to die before the actual expiration date specified in the genes ‘ down. American Duke University researchers came to a similar conclusion. They found that chronic stress can damage the DNA and therefore also the hair become grey. So is actually a direct correlation between psychological stress and the amount of gray hair on our head. The investigations are currently while still at the beginning, but the scientists are confident, very soon to be able to develop a drug that is intended to prevent the premature gray coloring of the hair.

Western Pomerania

To offer a performance of maintenance care in the future, it is hardly possible due to the existing shortage of workers. Flexible and efficient work processes, mobile care workers and the reduction of bureaucracy can be realised by the IT-supported project VitBIT and improve communication between doctors, care providers, and mobile workers. The project OPAL health has developed self-configuring sensor networks to improve the transparency of clinical processes. For example, many because of uselessness as a result of breaks in the cold chain, or faulty plans must be disposed by the 4.5 million blood donations in the year. OPAL health solution you can significantly reduce the scrap rate. The safety of the patients is increased by an additional check before the transfusion of a blood bag. Also OPAL health with the documentation of the use of medical devices contributes to the reduction of Excess inventories and thus to reduce costs in the health care sector at. The Federal State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is especially trying for a long time to promote developments in the area of medical technology.

The SimoBIT projects contribute significantly in this field, in order to strengthen the economically important sector of health economy. We have been following anxiously the results and presentations and are convinced of their added value for the patients”, says Kerstin Hintze, project manager, BioCon Valley GmbH. Total safe use of mobile information technology (IT) to improve value creation in medium-sized businesses and management are supported within the framework of the funding priority SimoBIT – 12 projects in the development of mobile solutions in the areas of machine construction, craft and small – and medium-sized enterprises, healthcare and public administration by the BMWi. SimoBIT is a funding programme of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi) to the safe use of mobile information technology (IT) to the Increase in value creation in medium-sized businesses and management. Twelve selected research and development projects will be encouraged on the development of mobile solutions in the areas of machine construction, craft and small and medium-sized enterprises, health and public administration. It aims to promote the development of the potential of mobile multimedia services to their potential to the productivity and quality improvements and cost and time savings to exploit. Existing process and value chains should be optimized and reorganized or newly developed. Concepts to ensure security have a particularly high priority in the framework of the projects. This funding programme is to start 2011 by BMWi grants with approximately 30 million euro in the framework of the high-tech strategy, the Federal Government and the Government information society programme Germany 2010 “supported. For more information, see.