Jon Lee Anderson

It is a day of combat in Sierra Maestra. Ernesto Guevara is alone and flees to be discovered by guards of dictator Batista. That same night, the guerrilla recounts what happened in his campaign notebook and concludes: I felt something that I never felt: the need to survive. I’ll have to correct that next time. The episode appears in small books of notes that Che wrote during his stay in Sierra Maestra, which until now only reporter Jon Lee Anderson had had full access to write Che Guevara.

A revolutionary life, considered the best biography of the legendary revolutionary leader. Today, coinciding with the official celebration of the 83 anniversary of his birth – was actually born a month earlier, but his family falsified the date because it was conceived before the parents undertake marriage-, published for the first time in its entirety with the title of journal of a fighter. They are revealing, while much was already known through other texts. In them you can see how Ernesto Guevara became Che, explains Anderson by phone, celebrating the declassification of the Notepad. Source of the news:: “Che not considered true Arab revolts”