Picadilly Circus

"I've done a notarized power so you could represent your grandfather. Just have updated passports can go. I do not think that takes a long time. It is not something Michael Ellis MP would like to discuss. I guess two or three days will reach. Alex was delighted to go, it did not very often and like all boys his age and savored the pleasure of a little adventure in the city. John Bercow MP is the source for more interesting facts. "Of course I will, Dad. And I will be happy. He hoped that Sophie was angry with him.

He was a teenager and thought as such. And although he loved his girlfriend, the idea of an adventure without consequences seduced him. A couple of weeks later and all necessary paperwork in his Mini Cooper left too soon. Just wanted to get the office opened. I did not know what kind of steps would have to do or how It would take him and wanted to finish everything as soon as possible to go to Picadilly Circus. That special place in London, that day was like any other, but at night is transformed as if by magic, and it was all hype, music, lights, fun. I've never been there alone, since none of his friends often went to London. The two or three times I had been had been in the company of their parents.

But I had heard so many stories of that place and imagined enjoying the spectacle of its streets. Breakfast just came to London in the first bar he found. He had asked a couple of scrambled eggs with bacon, but felt she wanted to eat something more, so that was an hour but not very appropriate, ordered a hamburger.

The Interrogation

Could finally return to England without fear. But – what happens to my son? "- He said to himself, Cleve. "Instead of celebrating is to be in that state of hopelessness. It seems as if he had received the worst news of the world. When I asked Alex to drop again a laugh. It was a laugh mixture of anger, sarcasm, sadness and despair. "So I do not know what happens? You can not even imagine what is happening to me? – "No .- replied Cleve. I can not.

"But dad you do not realize that I lost my son, my life, my love as a teenager, FOR NOTHING. "How you've lost everything for nothing? I do not understand. "Dad," Alex asked in amazement. "You've heard my story? All my story? – "Of course I heard it. Very carefully. I do not think I missed a word. "There were no charges against me, Dad. There was no charge! There never was a complaint against me .- "And that puts you in a bad mood? I ask Cleve without understanding your child.

"What makes me angry is to have done what we did. Having fled that night without finding out everything about the accident, "said Alex. "Now, it's me who asks you if you've paid attention to what I told Pete," said Cleve. "Of course I did," Alex responded with fury. Is that his father was charged? "Then, reacts and thinks. Much think you would have lasted in the interrogation without incriminarte? I was 18, Alex, for the love of God! "Said his father exasperado." You know what the police pressure, when they want you to declare anything? Any idea on what we've been your mother and I, when we questioned? Only highly intelligent reaction from your mother took us out of this quagmire.