Ukrainian System

In the market there are types of gas equipment relatively cheap boilers (Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian production) is not dependent on food elektroenergiey.Esli it comes to heating the home area of about 100-120 m2 (mean boiler requires a power of about 33 ), such an outdoor boiler, too, does not occupy much space in size. Accordingly, pay for the construction of a separate room under a pot (40 cm wide, 50cm high, 50cm deep) is not obyazatelno.Vpolne it can be placed in the kitchen. What type of heating is most effective in a private house? If talk about efficiency, then talk about price as installation of heating system, and subsequently its .Esli set aside for alternative energy sources, then realistically, will remain under scrutiny following options:-heating from a central heating system, various types of heating systems operating on electricity (electric floor heating, electric convectors, electric water boilers, installation of heaters in hot water heating systems), use of the boiler fuel oil (diesel, kerosene, fuel oil), use of solid fuel boilers (as a variant of a brick oven with a heat exchanger for the heating system) – just a furnace heating homes;-use boilers, liquefied gas;-use boilers fueled by natural gas. Approximately the arsenal of heating systems. Comparative analysis of the use of these heating systems will be presented in a separate state.Tezisno this article to the site to conclude the following: – electrical heating systems are often actively imposed as a 'cheap' means .Na verification of these of the road as the installation and during subsequent operation (payment for the amount of kilowatts of power).