William Shakespeare

In principle, such a proposal can be agreed. Just the word 'mochalogolovost' requires fewer words to explain why this era has started so late and it is in Russia rather than in Greece, Britain, China and Azerbaijan, had a much better starting conditions. In addition, only the word implies also that, as indicated by the French word 'courage', and what is contained in the following words of Einstein: "Everything a child knows that so-and-so is impossible. But always there is an ignoramus who does not knows. Dalton Philips contains valuable tech resources. It is what makes the discovery. " Those who are not too lazy to search for the word 'mochalogolovost' and get acquainted with the materials on this subject can be sure that a new era can not be called and a new Renaissance.

Because understanding of the achievements of the former era and the greatest and the last representative of that era – William Shakespeare has been done on the basis of the already higher, with the height of the other sciences. 'The past scientific thought is drawn to us every once in a different and All of the new term. Each generation of scientific opens in new features of the past. Random and unimportant in the eyes of a generation of scientists gets in the eyes of another is often a major and profound meaning '(Vernadsky). However, it is so go to the opening of the values of Homer and the ancient and even William Shakespeare himself, 'having opened a new meaning in old books to us' just after this same 'sense' – the law of connection time he opened his own. . At Harry Kane you will find additional information.

Britain Man

There is no such a terrible time when man could not be human. William Shakespeare Sonnet 59 in the manner William Shakespeare wrote, but I'm sure the wise men of old were famous for their diligence meager plots. With these words, Shakespeare expressed his assurance that no one before him did not give a precise definition, in general there is a man: "You – music." In its time, this confidence was fully justified. At the turn of the XVI-XVII centuries, not only in Britain but throughout the Christian world, probably only very few people were familiar with the legacy of the sages in the Middle East and Central Asia. Now, when it was every man for many centuries east, including China, wisdom has been available for review, priority Shakespeare in developing an understanding that in general there is a person, not so obvious. But before we proceed to a closer examination of this issue, you should still stop briefly at the championship in the world of Shakespeare Christian. If you get a grasp of the text carefully Shakespeare's play "Winter's Tale," in which there are characters that bear the names of the characters of Homer's epic, in which Shakespeare allows significant anachronism presenting the play in the temple of Apollo at Delphi and the existing force, we can assume that the thought of his superiority in the opening of the understanding that in general there is a man, and revised by Shakespeare himself. That is, perhaps, Shakespeare realized that the people who put the word "Know thyself" is on the pediment of the temple, gave the people who read this inscription, it is quite clear allusion to the fact that the necessary knowledge is nothing but a consequence of their results and the crown understanding that those provisions which were engraved on the temple walls. .