Museum Larco Herrea

Many years ago when I had 16 years, was walking by the av Bolivar cdra 20 in the District of Pueblo Libre. Alli me crie, microalgae, study, I met most of my friends. It was 2 pm and he was in the company of my cousin Carlos, the pig. Said you chancho my cousin’s affection, because when almorzabamos towards sound food into the mouth. We saw a girl in the corner.

A cute, white, blonde girl, blue eyes, but tearful and frightened. We approached her and asked if it was okay she told us: I have been robbed, with a somewhat chewing Spanish. We asked who? and she pointed to two boys they were going by the Jr cave in direction to Clement Street. Do we told him: expected here, which you have removed? My bag with my camera, money, answered. So that we ran in direction to the two boys and without a word kick them and hit with the greatest possible strength. They defended themselves, took us knife, were Mateo Salado, a neighborhood that is close to av La Marina. My cousin who was an expert in martial arts, athletic, disarmed them with blows of kung fu.

I could give a couple of cabezasos, to thieves, until to be exceeded in strength and knocks, they threw the bag and ran. My cousin immediately caught the bag and check it. He said: Chinese, here is the camera, a wallet, there is money. I told him: Let’s go, because they will return. So we went back to the av Bolivar and the American tourist, about 24 years, us agradecio.We returned him his bag, your camera and your money. We accompany you to take a taxi right away and that you go to your hotel in Miraflores.pero was nervous, we asked that accompany it. We climbed into the cab with her and went up to the door of the little white shop. To lower taxi, pay it. We told that we were going and who would care, because close to the Museum Larco Herrea sometimes you have youngsters, that try to steal from tourists. We said goodbye with a handshake, gave us each a kiss on the cheek and she was happy. Not wanted to go to any police station, only to your hotel. Not we wash our face in two weeks, not to erase the sweet kiss of friend who gave us, the young American. We felt a few heroes of film, we were happy to have saved a girl so pretty bad. Years have passed and I could never forget his face, its freshness, its beauty, her pretty blue eyes, his jean, blouse and bag. Stay in my heart forever. Tourists have to protect it, support it, attend it, serve it, not deceive, not steal because this helpless. They bring foreign exchange to our country and that allows us to grow. His arrival in the country should be so that it rests, walk, take photos, see our museums, monuments. Not cause to our surroundings a bad impression, so continue coming every day more and more. Let us make the experience tourism in our country unforgettable for them. We do not provoquemos to talk badly of Peru. Sonria and be happy.

Family To Emigrate To Prague

The third wave of immigrants Czech Republic. Emigration to Czech family, the most correct and true version of all the ways to emigrate. Foreigners who are in search of a suitable option for the country's immigration advise Czech Republic. Czech Republic as a country for immigration can be considered for permanent residence and work, as well as a transition option for your stay in any other country in the European Union. The main advantage of emigration Czech Republic is that the emigration procedure, which is alien to obtain status in the Czech Republic have a penny cost in comparison with other European countries and the world. Foreigners wishing to emigrate to Europe, choose Czech Republic from a fairly convenient location in relation to other European countries and the availability of their visit. Czech human mentality is comparable with Russian and therefore to adapt the Russian in the Czech Republic and integration in Czech Society of the Czech Republic the best choice. And why the family emigration? After the entry of Czech Republic in the European Union and accession to the Schengen area for the Czech immigration authorities and police Czech Republic became a principal questions, for which foreigners want to enter what he means at its disposal, whether the property in the Czech Republic, whether there are children in the family, a business plan to drive or work for Czech employers. Ultimately, for Czechs are very important to family if she decided to emigrate to enter the country is at full strength, so for the parents had no reason to ever return home and tear into two countries.