Start In January

Two hours later may be too late to try to correct. Therefore, the evaluation is not haphazard or random, but an integral part of the strategy. Each minute, and perhaps several times per second when the computer is the one responsible for that, “he is comparing the present with the planned trajectory. When a deviation is detected the pilot panics. Or begin to be judged as a bad pilot. Nor does his self-esteem crumbles because it is not able to keep the spacecraft in a perfectly straight line. Without trial and without panic, just run the corrective actions. Translating this into your life.

Be a business goal or related to your professional or personal development, there are several lessons that we can point metaphor taken from the plane. Specifically: Anticipate deviations. Things will happen. And the more you think you have everything under control, the unexpected will emerge: you canceled the meeting, you are in traffic, you find yourself repeating the habits that have promised to leave, you feel with the energy below what you wanted to feel. In this sense, do not beat yourself.

Do not put into question your ability. Simply, the deviation is part of the process. Rate as often as necessary to maintain your effectiveness. Many people and organizations have the worst plan of all to achieve their goals: once you set the target start working but evaluate their progress once it has been too long. For example, you notice a target at year end (typical of that time phrases like “Start In January …”,” I leave in January …”, “In January I start …”), but when is that you return to check if you have done or not? The next December! He’s gone a year. The deviation is too large. What you have left is to reinstate the goal in the plan for the next calendar. Imagine if, instead of evaluating once a year, you take the time to reflect on your performance and your approach to your goals or distance once a month. You get twelve multiply your chances of success. And if you embark on the habit of once a week? Now you have 52 times more chance to reach your destination! I do not know if you have noticed the following. The metaphor of the aircraft includes, for me, an extraordinary and liberating news: To succeed you need not be perfect. Your success is required of you is that you take hold of the achievement process with awareness and consistency. How to go off the road and still get to your destination? Continually evaluating and correcting. Do not leave your success to luck. The process that involves being on top of your performance. Without trial. Accepting the error, the deviation and the encounter with the unexpected. But making you responsible for what you get: persevere with intelligence to succeed.