Advertise Tennis

What can I advertise in tennis? On some basis vectors can be seen only sports brands on the other – advertising sponsors, and in England for example there is no advertising at all. But this is directly connected with the fact that the elements which have in tennis for advertising is sufficiently small. For example markup for the tennis court can not be the advertising boards, because nothing on it is impossible to distinguish anything. Relkmnye billboards could distract the players and they are in certain zapreeschennymi tournaments. Therefore the main elements of advertising are igrokai that averse for large fees to show a new line of clothes and equipment for the game from the big sports brand for a decent price. Acts of the company firmly associated with its creator furrora – Giovanni Kaberlotto (Giovanni Caberlotto), the owner of the firm. The scion of a shoemaker, he created the company in 1963 Caber, koiya soon become the second largest manufacturer in accordance ski boots in the world. In 1973 the firm was Caber South American international concern implemented Spalding, and Giovanni Kaberlotto became president of its subsidiary Euro.

In fact, the Giovanni, together with his own brothers, Alberto and Sergio created a company Lotto, giving it a title according to the share of second names. The aim of the brothers was believed penetration in emerging market soon for tennis shoes, running and functional recreation. In the first years of activity Lotto focused on the Italian market, and soon the company achieved after that of favorite items (oversaw most 15% of the market a tennis shoe). These models are tennis shoes, as LOTTO Newcombe Autograph and LOTTO Competition, began doleyu tennis annals. In those years, Lotto source of help with those big stars Tennis, as an Australian John Newcombe, South Americans, Anders Gomez and Jose Luis manager. Collaboration with these brand players went further than ordinary matter at the level of the final product – they were quite involved in the process design and product research Tennis Lotto.