Salzburg Close

It is not easy to stay on top. Nor for the Salzburg Festival. The permanent need of reinvention is not, in the case of the great operatic event, only a relieved topic. Because in the summits tensions multiplied its destabilizing capacity. Despite memorable successes – it comes to mind Al gran sole carico d amore, of Luigi Nono, with the direction of Ingo Metzmacher-, no editing has fulfilled the desired artistic levels. The closest to perfection, so far this century, is surely the current, curiously with a director of transition, Markus Hinterhauser. Between two eras, the Jurgen Flimm and Alexander Pereira, it will take the baton for the next edition. Hinterhauser seal is perceived in the richness of the cultural atmosphere in the profusion of platforms for discussion, in the attention to the music of our time, in search of exhilarating associations without fear of risk. The case Makropulos, Leos Janacek’s opera, premiered on Wednesday, with ESA-Pekka Salonen and Cristoph Marthaler responsible for musical and scenic, respectively, is probably the most representative of this edition aesthetic triumph. The success was indescribable. Source of the news:: Salzburg close to perfection